Not Fit in TCS Criteria Help ?


Good Evening sir,
sir,my criteria is not fulfill in this campus.
so sir give me suggestion.

By Rashmi Sahu From SSCET Bhilai.


Rashmi, please come for the campus preparation sessions, make yourself ready for the industry, believe all my friends who were dufferest people, have got job, no one is jobless, so never bother about not getting fit into criteria, rather always think about "Now I  Will Myself So Strong That I will Decide Which Company I Have To Join And Which Not.." .

You can go through following points to make yourself strong with your current details:

(1)Visit and select your industry and see, how many companies are there who are waiting for you and they never bother about criteria, you can even send your Resume directly to them.

(2) Try to get first div. in your graduation, Prepare Aptitudes,Imrove your communication skills for the question which will be asked in HR/PI & Tech.

(3)Daily before sleep surrender all your earned things be it money, or something related to study , I mean whatever you have earned ,, to GOD, & see How that lovely God protects your hard earned things.
After sleep, say thanks to God for giving a new wonderful  life, smile for 10 sec. and feel that you are the most successful person in this world.

(4)Give 5 days to your education related things, 1 day Only For Campus Preparation or Related to Your Job & Career., 1 day just for fun and rest.

(5)Make Internet your best friend.Visit forums of job related sites(, ) and see what other students from all over the world are doing and get some inspiration from them, ask even a smallest question to me that is bothering to you to move further in your life.

What else, Rashmi, I am sure you have understood what exactly I want to tell you , Just Plan Your Life & Move Ahead...........

If Still need more assistance on the same question then please let me know.