What After B. Com MBA or CA,CS,ICWA ?

Question: Sir, i m passing B.com.in m.j college but i dont know about me clearly i get MBA orCA, CS,ICWA.Pls tell me about which is the best..??? But my finicial positio is not good.But i will achive good possison in my life. pls right suggesion ? Vivek Kumar from MJ College Bhilai.

Answer: Dear Vivek your question is very common these days among commerce students, please find the below suggestions:

(1)Whatever you want to do, for MBA or CA, CS, ICWAI you have to have good spoken english
but having seen your english I would suggest you please make this your first priority to
improve your english.

After improving your english then only you can think for what should you do.

(2)As far as MBA or other courses are concerned you must always do whatever is your interest
,after deciding your interest you should think about your family conditions,whether your
family will allow you or support you to do that or not.

If not, then better choose other path but please don't forget your interest, just try to earn
something on your own with taking your family with you then the moment you are
established you may start working with your interest.

So now I will suggest you If you are sure that your financial condition is not good then better
you don't invest in MBA because after doing MBA there is no job guarantee and getting a good
college will also be difficult for you, so better you join some course based on Tally and they are
also giving job guarantee,after getting job you work for your company for at least one year
without doing any other things but after one year you can start preparation for MBA and I
am very much sure that you will definitely clear any entrance exam,

The only thing stopping you is your financial condition, so better you request your parents for
a job guaranteed course as mentioned above and go ahead.

Vivek, If I could not give you proper answer you can always come to my office on Saturday
for free career counseling ,my address is mention here:


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