Is Operation Mandetory for GalBladder Stone Problem ?

My wife is going through this painful problem, its so painful that you won't be able to drink water , if somehow try to take it then you must vomit it.Upper abdominal part is going to be extremely painful.

In USA every year 5 Lacs people are going through this problem and doctors are simply operating their Gallbladder saying this part of your body is not that useful, well its true but why our science is not able to invent any medicine which can dissolve the stones.Many Indian Baba's have cured all kind of stone's problem's through Ayurvedic medicines.

I have taken three month's time from my doctor in sector-9 hospital and currently my wife is having Baba Ramdev's GallBladder treatment, till now no pain, no vomiting...Ofcourse the oil-less diet is helping her in this case...let's see after more 2.5 month's , If all goes fine then it will be a miracle from Ramdev Baba.

Want To Become Faculty at SSCET Bhilai?


By V Vijay Kumar M.P.C.C.E.T Bhilai


Whatever u want to become faculty then, just make up your mind first, meet people who are working as a faculty just after clearing their BE , and also who have got some industry experience & then started their career as a faculty. Try to find which way is good, according to me second way is good.

Try to get some certification related to ur branch, I mean try to get expertise on on subject.If possible get M. Tech.

Before thinking for above things,  clearing ur BE with minimum 65 % must be your first priority.


TCS Open SeeSame

Dear friends TCS has compiled some very good set of questions on their portal as TCS Open SeeSame, & most of the candidates who have cleared TCS , are saying that this model online assessment test have been very helpful for them to clear the first online test conducted by TCS.

I have created two videos,

Video 1: How To register with TCS Open Seesame ?

Video 2: How to start taking your assessment ?

Before you start working on Open SeeSame you must make sure your system requirements:

(1)You can only use IE 7 or heigher version of browser, no Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Safari.

(2)Pop Up blocker must be turned off.
(3)Your computers time must match with current time.

Alright, now this is the time to watch the videos and and start assessing yourself, remember you can appear twice for this test, while solving questions you can click on Print Screen key on your keyboard and save the questions on or desktop so that once the test is over you can go through the questions and do a little research on them.

Video 1: How To register with TCS Open Seesame ?

This video is huge so can't be uploaded here so u may download it from either of  links shown below:

* These free file hosting sites can host this video only for 7 days that's till 22-23 Dec. So make sure you download the video before the last date. seesame1.flv

click on able links and then click on Download This File/Download File

Video 2: How to start taking your assessment ?


Accenture Interview Preparation

Best links are:

Previous years papers pattern & Questions:

Tech Interview Prep:

(1) Visit:    & search for C, RDBMS, OS, C++, Core Java, Data Structure Interview Questions.

(2)Best book is cracking IT interviews by Balagurusamy,try to buy it if can't then can be read from google books, just type cracking IT interviews.

Then you can visit following links : (SDLC) (C-Test)

More Placement papers:


What is SDLC ?



         It is defined as how well our application is build in meeting the customer requirement and customer expectation.

The different stages are:

1.Information Gathering: In this phase Business Analyst will gather all the information  from customer requirement  and prepare B.R.S.( Business Requirement Specification) documents.
2.Analysis: In this phase The Features and the functions that need to be put in the project are
Here Senior Business Analyst will prepare S.R.S (Software Requirement Specification) 

3.Design: The actually flow of the project is done here. Deciding upto logical functionality ,
ER diagram , Data Flow etc are made. These activities would be executed by team lead , 
technical Specialist & Chief Architect.
Document prepared during this phase are HLD, LLD.
Example : Login into Net Banking.
4. Coding: Based on the design document, small-small modules are prepared. 
All the modules are summed together to form a .exe.This phase is done by the developer.

5. Testing: Actual system testing take place here.This phase is done by Test Engineers.

6. Release and Maintenance: all Sr.department will release the product .In maintenance the maintenance team will change the software if necessary.

MCA Last Semester How To ?


sir,i m mca 6th semester student and this sem is for project,i decided first learn about java than work on project because i dont know completly core java and advance java is null.
how it possible? Please give me a suggesion that how i spend my 5 month.

By Vaibhav Singh From SSCET Bhilai.


Vaibhav, just go through following points and I am sure you will have clear picture and a concrete plan for next 5 months:

(1)Make list of 10 Best companies, 10 Medium Companies, 10 Small companies who provide job for MCA/ IT/CSE students.See whether your are fit into their criteria or not ?

(2)Trust me Vaibhav, for any fresher graduate this is not at all necessary to get command on any technology rather you have to get command on CAMPUS PREPARATION, technologies are req. for people who are not fit into any one of above 30 comp. including big, medium and small.

So first you check whether u r fit into criteria for any of above 30 comp or not, if fit then prepare for campus prep. for that company, even if that comp. is not coming to your college , you can apply to that as fresher, and in IT industry even 1 year of hands on experience with a very small company also matters.

(3)So in these 5 months you first make sure that you are prepared for the first Aptitude round for any company , Then you prepare for Technical round-- that include all the questions that can be asked having seen your resume, so make sure whether you know whatever you type in your resume or not, lastly HR,PI questions.

Once you are done about above things then try to talk to some small institutes for ASP or JSP based Live Projects, don't stick to any language because this is not the time to think for what is you interest JAVA or ASP, because you are fresher, Once you start working with any company then only you can actually decide what is your interest.

This is the time to get prepared for Fresher round of interviews.

Don't do research just follow what I say, because दुनिया में दो तरीके के स्टुडेंट्स होते हैं , एक जो किसी अनुभवी कि बात मान लेते हैं और जल्दी से अपना एम प् लेते हैं, औए अपना एम पाने के बाद research करते हैं कि अब क्या किया जाये, जेब में पैसे आने के बाद कुछ भी करो research karo etc... फरक नहीं पड़ता,  दुसरे वो होते हैं जो ये सोचह ही नहीं पाते कि वो जो कर रहे है वो सही है या नहीं, भले ही कोई अनुभवी ही क्यों न बताये, ये बेचारे जिंदगी भर research करते रहते हैं और फिनाल्ली खुद का इंस्टिट्यूट खोल के बैठ जाते है और दुनिया को वही चीज सिखाते हैं जो उन्होएँ सही टाइम पे नहीं कि.अब आप देसिड़े करो आप कौन से टाइप के हो.

Confidence while Speaking in English ?


thank you sir for suggestion..

sir i am MCA(v)sem student.& iam attend training class.
sir ,i am student of hindi medium & whenever i am telling somthing about in english then i lost my confidense..please give me suggestion...

By Rashmi Sahu From SSCET Bhilai.


Hey Rashmi, its not your fault, come on , We Indians are better than others we are skillful people who are at least ready to accept our weaknesses and ready to improve them, but dear the problem over here is we don't have to waste our time in learning English as already our parents have invested good amount of money for our studies, So what exactly we have to do is , we have to prepare for Campuses, for the questions  they are asking, In the first Round they never ask you to speak in English so try to show your best in this round , try to get more that 90-95 % score, believe me HR recruiters have ignored some  mistakes if you have given good result in first round.

Next for the HR, PI & technical round trust me there are limited and fixed types of questions, बस उन्हें रत लो, उनके CROSS QUESTIONS  के साथ, अपने रिज्यूमे में अपने जो जो लिखा है, उन सबके questions  और answer  prepare करके दिमाग में सही इंग्लिश के साथ unko  बैठा लो, अभी आप केवल apti पे ध्यान दो, एक बार जॉब लगने के बाद आप कंपनी में रहके बहुत अछि इंग्लिश बोलने लगेंगी.

If still confused then do let me know.