.Net Or Java For Projects ?


for major project which lang. is suitable for us n why????
(java or .net)????


why .net is best for project n java not???

By Divya Mishra From SSMV Bhilai.


Nothing is best until that is not your interest, As far as comparison between Java & .Net is concerned , If you are looking for a job as early as possible then go for .Net because even a small scale industry opt  for .net base projects for them as its cheaper and also it takes less time as not having that much security features as Java has. Again its up to your interest, if you like to programme in java then just go for it, in fact java people get paid more as its highly secured language, totally platform independent language and also now it has got power of Oracle.

I would rather say until you have worked in a software company at least for 1 year don't decide any thing just try to get into industry, then while working with real projects you will actually get to know your interest and with which you are more comfortable.So till you are in a college just prepare or do whatever is in your syllabus to get good score so that can get entry in campuses..

I hope this much is enough to answer your question, please let me know if still confused...