Is Operation Mandetory for GalBladder Stone Problem ?

My wife is going through this painful problem, its so painful that you won't be able to drink water , if somehow try to take it then you must vomit it.Upper abdominal part is going to be extremely painful.

In USA every year 5 Lacs people are going through this problem and doctors are simply operating their Gallbladder saying this part of your body is not that useful, well its true but why our science is not able to invent any medicine which can dissolve the stones.Many Indian Baba's have cured all kind of stone's problem's through Ayurvedic medicines.

I have taken three month's time from my doctor in sector-9 hospital and currently my wife is having Baba Ramdev's GallBladder treatment, till now no pain, no vomiting...Ofcourse the oil-less diet is helping her in this case...let's see after more 2.5 month's , If all goes fine then it will be a miracle from Ramdev Baba.