MCA Last Semester How To ?


sir,i m mca 6th semester student and this sem is for project,i decided first learn about java than work on project because i dont know completly core java and advance java is null.
how it possible? Please give me a suggesion that how i spend my 5 month.

By Vaibhav Singh From SSCET Bhilai.


Vaibhav, just go through following points and I am sure you will have clear picture and a concrete plan for next 5 months:

(1)Make list of 10 Best companies, 10 Medium Companies, 10 Small companies who provide job for MCA/ IT/CSE students.See whether your are fit into their criteria or not ?

(2)Trust me Vaibhav, for any fresher graduate this is not at all necessary to get command on any technology rather you have to get command on CAMPUS PREPARATION, technologies are req. for people who are not fit into any one of above 30 comp. including big, medium and small.

So first you check whether u r fit into criteria for any of above 30 comp or not, if fit then prepare for campus prep. for that company, even if that comp. is not coming to your college , you can apply to that as fresher, and in IT industry even 1 year of hands on experience with a very small company also matters.

(3)So in these 5 months you first make sure that you are prepared for the first Aptitude round for any company , Then you prepare for Technical round-- that include all the questions that can be asked having seen your resume, so make sure whether you know whatever you type in your resume or not, lastly HR,PI questions.

Once you are done about above things then try to talk to some small institutes for ASP or JSP based Live Projects, don't stick to any language because this is not the time to think for what is you interest JAVA or ASP, because you are fresher, Once you start working with any company then only you can actually decide what is your interest.

This is the time to get prepared for Fresher round of interviews.

Don't do research just follow what I say, because दुनिया में दो तरीके के स्टुडेंट्स होते हैं , एक जो किसी अनुभवी कि बात मान लेते हैं और जल्दी से अपना एम प् लेते हैं, औए अपना एम पाने के बाद research करते हैं कि अब क्या किया जाये, जेब में पैसे आने के बाद कुछ भी करो research karo etc... फरक नहीं पड़ता,  दुसरे वो होते हैं जो ये सोचह ही नहीं पाते कि वो जो कर रहे है वो सही है या नहीं, भले ही कोई अनुभवी ही क्यों न बताये, ये बेचारे जिंदगी भर research करते रहते हैं और फिनाल्ली खुद का इंस्टिट्यूट खोल के बैठ जाते है और दुनिया को वही चीज सिखाते हैं जो उन्होएँ सही टाइम पे नहीं कि.अब आप देसिड़े करो आप कौन से टाइप के हो.