TCS GD Topics


Sir could you please list out certain GD topics that TCS had recently given in the last few months placement drives in other colleges...Though the GD topic cannot be predicted but still this can definately help us out...

By Sunaina From SSCET Bhilai.


Please go through below points(includes suggestions and GD topics) to prepare yourself for GD round of interviews for any company.

(1)Listen to every one, don't show that you want to dominate others and in a  hurry, make eye contact , praise other participant's for their good points, always say I would like to add ......never say that How can you say........never shout...Be clear enough in your communication , you can mix Hindi & English but convey your message confidently and clearly.
(2)Comment on other's topics, by including some of your thoughts.
(3)A good GD participant is a good team player, so behave like a team player.
(4)Read Editorial sections of Times of India or Dainik Bhaskar.
(5)Daily look at the front page of your favorate page and atleast read first para of all the headlines.
(6)Listen to others and carefully select whether u will talk in against or towards the topic and try to be firm to your topic , try to be less neutral making sure you don't disrespect others.
(7)You can even request the GD taker to take a piece of paper and a pen before starting the GD, and can note down short points while  listening to others.
(8)show your body moves mainly your face and eyes telling others that you are understating others points and you are at least involved in the discussions even if you know nothing about the topic.

Try to use words like these:

Let me explain you like this...
I firmly agree with Mr....however I would like to add....(Instead of  'But' use 'However')
I do not completely agree with Mr. X points as It may not work in all the cases......
I would finally like to suggest/add/say/conclude that ................

Now some good links for GD preparation.




(4)Is China a threat to the indian software industry.

(5)What is the effect of movies on youth.(is it good or bad) ?

(6)Indian position in resent Asian games, how it can be improved ?

(7)Education in India compared to Foreign nations.

Some topics taken from

1 IS GD necessary for the elimination process
2 Who is responsible for the protection of the environment
3 Values in an IT Industry
4 What should be the retirement age of politicians
5 Should India play Against PAK?
6. effect of cinema on Youth?

Topics from latest events so keep reading news papers the way I discussed above.

I am sure this much is enough info, if you need more assistance please let me know.....