How To Save Yourself From Hackers On Orkut ?

How To Save Yourself From Hackers On Orkut ?

Friends you all must have heard from your friend that, someone used their orkut id and sent unexpected scraps to their friends and so on, I will tell you how you can stop hackers to do this:

(1) Please don't join any hacking community on orkut, "Bure logon ki na to dost achhi aur na hi dushmani".

(2) Never chat with unknown people or people who have recently become your friend using any chat client like gmail and orkut chat,g talk, yahoo messenger , rediff bol, whike being logged in on your gmail, orkut account.Hachers get your account info mainly by chatting with you, you would think they are taking time to answer you but they will be busy hacking your account details.

(3) Never login to others pc/ laptop , as there are some softwares for free which can save your id and passwords in a notepad, if it is very much required then please use pc or laptop of people you know and also don't forget to log out or sign out before leaving the system.

that is it, trust me if you just make sure that you do above three things then your account can never be hacked, google, orkut are very secured sites.