Eligible For CAT or MAT ?


I am asking u about my friend.he was a science student till 12th.he scored 75% in 10th and 73% in 12th.then he wanted to be CA and changed his line from science to commerce.due to concentrating more on CA he neglected B.com and result was below 50%.now he is waiting for his CA inter result.if he fails,he wanna do MBA.but as his marks is below 50% in b.com,despite having good score in 10th and 12th,can he appear in CAT?or if he cant,is MAT good option for him?please help.

By Ankita Ghosh From Calcutta University For Her Friend.


Dear Ankita, My first suggestion for your friend is , please watch 3 idiots movie.

Now read your answer point wise:

(1) Eligibility Criteria For CAT:

please check every years CAT criterias, these is 2009 CAT Criterias.

 For applying to the CAT , a candidate must hold a Bachelor's Degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA (45% in case of candidates belonging to SC/ ST or Persons with Disability), of any of the Universities or Institutes recognized by the UGC or the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

So according to this criteria sorry to say he can't go for CAT exams .

(2) Eligibility Criteria For MAT:

The participating universities and management institutes have their own requirements about certain minimum percentage in graduation.

So you can go through the college you are planning to join.

You may also visit below website for the complete detail on MAT application procedure and test formats:

How To Prepare For MAT ?

So this makes the picture very clear that your friend can try MAT. 

(3) Is MAT good option for him?

Dear, this is the most sad part of my help to students, I feel very low whenever any student seems to be confused about his aim, this is not our fault, this is the fault of our education system, why can't they have one full year on career planning and personality development ?This is very simple, why a computer science graduate should worry about getting good marks in physics, chemistry, maths.This is all so bad that I feel like leaving India and settle down in US, but this is what I can't do, because---

Now The Time Has Come To Begin The Revolution, India Needs Krantikaris Again, Who Will Not Use Guns And Sword But Will Change The System By Becoming The Part Of The System.  

Well, lets come to your question, Please sit with your friend watch 3 idiots and then make up your mind whether your friend really loves to become the part of management, or if not then what is his interest, by looking at your question I can figure out he has been good at science and then he wanted to become CA, I have read a nice joke first read that,

" bhagwaan ki jisse dushmani hoti hai usse CA karne k liye bhej dete hain, aur jisse aur bhi jyaada dushmani hoti hai , uska inter clear bhi karwa dete hain." 

Please don't get me wrong but I just wanted to let you know the level of CA , so be very sure what you want to do as CA final is more tougher that CA inter & remember while making decisions please make sure  whether your or your parents financial condition is good enough to support you.

Dear mar mar ke ye kaljugi padhai karke kahen ko nuakr ban rahe ho, Hann agar apne interest ka kaam hai to kisi bhi had tak jao har koi aapki help karne ayega.

Hum apne religion se door ho gaye isliye aaj hame ye useless problems jyada ho rahin hai, mobile phone me signas aate hain , nahin dikhte phir bhi mante ho to itne bade bade graha pade hain unka asar nahin padega ye kyon nahin maan lete, sari duniya inhim grahon ko indirectly pooja kar rahi hai.

Kristians worship on Sunday so they have been ruling the world as Sun is the king of all planets.

Muslims worship on Friday, Shukra graha makes people wealthy in any condition, you know who are the richest people in this world, Yes right , muslims.

Hindu worship or respect Jupitor, Who makes people Gyani, you can see whole world is coming to India to know hidden facts of life.

My suggestion for what people abuse me and make fun of me for your friend is:

if he is christian tell him to please go to church on every sunday.If muslim then tell him to got to Maszid every friday and if Hindu then please tell him to visit Hanuman Ji on every Tuseday and distribute red color sweet in temple and small kids.

Apart from these things please please please don't waste your time on any Dharma - Karma , For studnets their work is worship, above things are just to remember and respect the creature of this beautiful nature in our own way, and of course if their is a Bad Atma or Power is there then Good Atma or Power bhi hai, so try to have support of that loving Jesus, Allah, Hanuman Ji.

This is it from side, you can also laugh at me and abuse me among your friends, but I know  I am a nice person and a fighter and I will not give up, I will die but never say anything I don't like be it is said by the almighty God.

believe me you feel a positive energy at Church, Maszid or Temple and you mind thinks in a more positive way, first you tell your friend to make up his mind and make a concrete plan about his life, I can't tell any thing because this will make him think more on the Aim or interest I suggest him now, so let him think first then you are most welcome to ask me How to prepare for that decided Goal.