Why Are You Wasting Your Time For Others ?


Dear Sir, I am big fan of yours, but the same time I can't believe people like you, because you people give free service for some time then after getting popularity you just don't know the people by whom you became popular and start asking for money. Is it the same condition with you ?  Sir, please reply me because I am an emotional kind of person and really like your work and answers, so don't want to here same for you, also tell me If you give just free answers then why you are showing google adsense ads on your site?

By Amrita Shrivastava From B.H.U Varanasi.

Answer :

Dear Amrita, thanks for asking this question, you gave me a chance to let people know more about me, See, from the day I started my engineering, my father and some of my friends never gave me respect and never appreciated my efforts, for them I am just a useless person, but I have never thought like this for me, I know I am good person, so I just want to prove this to my parents and friends by giving excellent answers to students who are in any kind of trouble, when I get comments from these students I feel  like, yes , I am not a useless fellow , there is a reason behind my living. I can also do something for others.

This is why I waste my time over here dear, don't worry I will never charge for giving  Free Career Guidance  from my site.

As far as having Google Adsense ads on my site is concerned, as you know I also take classes for how to earn money online , so just for that purpose, I am doing research on Google Adsense, because in my internet part time job classes in Bhilai I am not teaching about Adsense as I haven't got any cheque  or earning from adsense so I don't have any right to teach about this, I know many people earning from adsense but they are mostly earning by participating in click exchange groups, which I tried but my heart and mission stopped me to do that, so I am just researching on Google Adsense whether I can really help students to earn from this great money making machine online or not ?, my students are still earning from other techniques which I teach in my part time internet jobs classes in Bhilai but I want then to earn more and that's our mission In India No Student Will Be Job Less And Feel Frustrated Because of Money Problems

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