How To Prepare For Bank PO Exams ?

How To Prepare For Bank PO Exams ?


Sir, Can you please give me some guidelines on how to prepare for bank PO exams?
Also, provide me the address of bank PO coaching institute in Bhilai as I am new to this place.

By Tamanna From B.C.E.T Kolkata.


Dear Tamanna, first of all we welcome you in the land of togetherness and joy that's our Bhilai.
Please read my below tips for Bank PO selection guarantee:

(1) There are mainly three rounds in Bank PO exams namely objective, subjective and final interview.

Now How To Prepare for objective round:

(a) Objective round is basically a written round wherein you get 4 multiple choice questions, some banks have negative marking but some not.These objective questions are asked from following fields:
  • Quantitative aptitude, which include mathematical questions.
  • Reasoning questions which includes Verbal and Non verbal reasoning.
  • Current GK, remember current GK means just the current 1 year details, no need to waste time on Indian history and geography these are required for Civil Services Exams not for Bank PO.
  • English which includes Grammatical error find out type questions,Passage reading and answering questions, jumbling the words etc.
These are the fields you must be good if going for Bank PO exam,

Now How To Prepare For Above Subjects:

(1) Just join a better coaching institute for Aptitude questions if you don't have money problem, but if you can't afford money then just buy R. S Agrawal's Aptitude Preparation book, ask for it at any shop in Bhilai(Sector 6 Anil Book Deepo. etc.). This book will cover quantitative and reasoning parts.

(2) Now for English just buy Upkar's Bank PO books or just join a better institute which covers English also.English will never create problems for you if you are good at "Grammar and Translation Rules" for Bank PO exams.I have seen people wasting their time on Synonyms and Antonyms, guys only few questions are asked from these two sections , just don't waste your time on them , please give more of your time on Grammar and Translation.But if you still want to waste your time for a good book on Antonyms and Synonyms then buy "Barrons GRE". Some recent antonyms and synonyms asked in on Bank PO exam:

deliberate, isolated, convenient, desert, confined.

And regarding passage reading mainly Hindi medium students have been found worried as they find it difficult to understand English and answer questions in a limited time duration.For them my suggestion would be just read any English news paper's Editorial page (the second page), Passages are mainly taken from current or any known event and if you can understand editorial page then I am sure you can understand passages in your bank PO English exams also, like recently in Oriental Bank of Commerce Bank PO exam's English sections had passage reading on NREGS(national-rural-employment-guarantee-scheme) and if you have ever read editorial pages you must have found Big authors waste their time on topics like this.I like "The Hindu" news paper's editorial page.

(3) For current GK, just watch DD News Channel's  9 PM news  or IBN 7 and read any news paper's front page only and make a note of main events, apart from these things buy CSR's current GK booklet which covers following topics:

  • Awards.
  • Persons In News.
  • Books & Writers
  • Organizations Full Forms.
  • Deals  & Tie Ups Between Countries.
  • Cities or Countries In News (Ex. Mumbai Crysis )
  • Indian Cabinet (Who is on Which Department.)
  • Current Pariyojanayen In India (Sorry I don't recall its english name now)
So for current GK you make sure you are prepared on these topics.Here "Avards"  section is very Imp. and easy to score, like I would suggest you just go through some awards like:

  • Nobel Awards: To Whom For What &  For Which Year.
  • Man Booker Awards: To Whom For What &  For Which Year.
  • Dada Saheb Phalke Award: To Whom For What &  For Which Year.
  • Vyas Samman : To Whom For What &  For Which Year.
  • Saraswati Samman: To Whom For What &  For Which Year. 
  • National Film  Awards: To Whom For What &  For Which Year & At Which Place It Was Organized.
  • Filmfare Awards: To Whom For What &  For Which Year & At Which Place It Was Organized.

Also look for which state of  India is famous for what ?

Beware some banks have negative marking and some not so make sure to read the details before appearing for test also some banks say that you have to get passing marks in all sections and some say you have to  get qualifying marks in English etc. so make sure to read their rules which will come to your home as booklet along with your admit card, don't just trust on web sites because Banks might change their Rules.

(b) Now for the subjective round don't worry at all, this is also there with some banks, just express yourself to the point don't write more without sense rather write less but with so meaning and sense.The topics are mostly taken from current events like recently in Oriental bank of  Commerce Bank PO exams subjective topics were:

(i) If in India per capita income is increased by 20 % then write the three consequences of it.
(ii) India has failed to exploit strategic presence in South Asian countries in UN, write your two positive and two negative comments about it.
(iii) How to improve the banks  in rural areas ?(I don't remember the exact question but it was related with the banks condition in rural areas)
(iv) Is it true that India needs to improve technical education to compete with international market ?

Out of these three questions only three needed to be answered.

(c) Now the final round(The personal Interview or GD):

Just don't worry make yourself prepared for basic questions regarding yourself, like why you want to join ?, discussions on current banking trades and terms, your suggestion to improve banking sectors in India can also join my PI, HR & GD classes, I have expertise to prepare people for HR,GD and PI within one week, please don't think, I am praising myself.

This is it for How To Prepare for Bank PO exams.

Now Best Coaching Institutes in Bhilai For Bank PO Exams:

See, there are many coaching institutes running in Bhilai who give training for Bank PO, there are some famous places out there in Bhilai for coaching classes namely, Civic Center and Sector-10 Zonal Market. I personally like Paul Sir's Rama Coaching in Civic Center Bhilai for Bank PO exams, he is famous for his mathematical tricks and has got more than 10 years of experience in this line.

You might think that Rakesh Sir must be having some deal with Paul Sir's Rama Coaching , but let me warn you dear, I am running this web site as a mission to save tremendous power of youngsters like you, so in my dreams also I will never do that, its up to you, whether you take my suggestions or not.Just for your information I take Bank PO English classes at Rama Coaching.

=> For Quantitative Aptitudes & GK:

Paul Sir's Rama Coaching

PHONE : 0788-2352554, 9300407527

New Civic Center is very famous place in Bhilai.

=> For English:

You may join my classes at "Rama coaching" , or at My own "Shreem  Classes", To join my classes you may call on 9752126704.

This is it from my side , do give your brother your tensions because I pray to God , please don't let my young brothers and sisters waste their excellent power just for searching right information, Warriors, you are my weapons to Begin The New Kranti In India For "Full of Jobs & Stress Less"  Youngsters.