Is Masturbation Dangerous For Health ? Acne, Pimple, Old Rashesh Help Also ?

Is Masturbation Dangerous For Health ? Acne, Pimple, Old Rashes, Eczema(DAD-KHAJ-KHUJALI) Help Also ?


Hi, sir I have heard that you give best answers for problems related with students, please don't show my name and tell me how can I leave this habit , some people say it is dangerous for health and I am scared about my future life? Sir please I am suffering from  pimple problems and tried many cremes, medicines but nothing worked, feeling very poor confidence and suffering from  inferiority complex, also I have red rashes, itch near my personal places in my body, please help sir, I know this question might give you trouble answering and your blog readers may laugh on my question but I know these problems are there with many youngsters but they are so used to with it, and today's doctors also don't give satisfactory answers so they have left finding the solutions for this questions.Sir, waiting for your best answer for these difficult questions.?


Dear friend don't worry, and I really appreciate your efforts to ask these really very common problems of youngsters, you have given me a chance to help students for their health related problems also.So, let me give you answer in point wise:

(1) Solution For Masturbation:

      Well, I won't comment whether it is dangerous for health or not because I know whatever we say and believe our mind and body follows that, so let me just answer how to get rid of it, if you are willing to do it else its your wish:

Start doing exercise, and whenever you feel like doing masturbation , just leave that place and have a glass of water.

According to me these above two lines are the best solution, rest is your will power if you finally decided to avoid it as of course the sperm which comes out after this , has many vitamins and materials to make your bones powerful, these sperm make us young and these go weaker as we grow, what powerful people do is they control these sperm and burn extra of it in exercise, as we all know excess of anything will try to come out and this is what happens wen you think of masturbation, but when you do regular exercise, you will good sleep and you had already burnt extra of it.  

In our villages in early days, our grand parents used to say , "if you want to control your youth and be powerful then you must do exercise both the times and must take bath both the times after bath to burn extra heat of your body which force you to do these kind of activities".

I have also seen in my 6 years of career counseling with students and have dealt with all kind of youths, and noticed that youngsters from villages and from low income family who do hard work to make their livelihood,  never told me these problems , rather they only told me about money problems and where to find cheap institute or colleges for their further studies and at the other side, most of the students from rich families have been asking me regarding masturbation, frustration, mental issues and all other physical issues.

Guys, where we are taking our country, there was a time when outsiders used to visit our villages and say "How these poor people have maintained wonderful health", lot of great Indian pehalwans and bodybuilders have come from poor and hard working families.

So friends just lets start the same routine, start doing exercise in both the times specially in evenings because masturbation happens mainly in nights, so if you are tired and after taking bath feeling fresh then you will have sound sleep and I am sure your health will improve.

Because the more you do this practice the more weaker your bones become, please for God sake don't trust nowadays sexologist who have opened their shops just to earn money out of you, they will never think and want the main population and earning source for them know the real facts.

Have water as much as you can.

Come on friends these kind of things have never been problem for Indians. 

(2) Pimple and Acne problems:

(a) Just say big NO to soaps(if face is very oily and want to wash it then use AZAC pimple soap twice a day , not more that 2 times else your face will become more oily, no need to use face wash.) ans cremes, specially fairness cremes.Don't use any anti marks creme specially fair and lovely anti marks creme, these cremes are good but not for pimple and acne porn oily faces like ours.To remove marks Besan or Multani mitti lape is better solution , just apply them 3 alternate days a week before bath and take water as much as you can.

(b) Don't use oil on hairs and creme on face at nights before sleeping.

(c) Try to have no dandruff in hairs, use 3 alternate days shampoo of Garniers or Head and Shoulders, and one day in a week coconut oil champee on hairs before shampoo and wash your hairs in such a manner that no oil , shampoo should come to your face.

(d) Have water as much as you can.

(e) Male use only Palmolive lemon shaving creme and old spice after shave lotion Original not musk or other flavor.

(f) At least once in a day wash your face with warm water first then with cold water, believe me this is tried trick and many pimple pron people have found very good results.This process reduces oiliness from your skin.

Trust me if you just follow these six simple steps then I can give you guarantee , you will never need to waste your money on doctors.

(3) Rashes and itches near personal areas:

Just throw all your underwear, no need to wash them in hot water and use, just throw them please.

Use Quadriderm tube(you can find it at any medical shop) the best creme for any kind of external skin problems like rashes, DAD, KHAJ, KHUJALI. never trust on itchguard, ring guard, these are useless.

For God sake don't think that I have tie up with these companies.Above tube will give you instant relief from the very first use for oldest to oldest DAD, KHAJ, KHUJALI.

Dear friend I can only give suggestion , implementation is your responsibility, if you can trust me then I am very much sure you will get rid of all your problems else my dear there are millions of people waiting to blackmail people like you in India specially.