How To Crack Indian Army Specially Airforce Exam ?


hello Sir
your site is really provide good help to youth who r really misguided by lack of information .. well sir i m a student of BA  2nd yr with litrature . n PCM 12th. i wanted to join indian army specially airforce .but i dont know how to get prepare for that  .. i know that this requires more aptitude  n attitude ie psycological smartness  . but how one can work on these part i will give the exam in september 2011n i want to make it cleare in first attempt .. please help me that what should i do for it both in studies n extra activities ..... waiting for your reply ......

By Kavita From Jodhpur University..


Hey Kavita nice to see a lady wants to serve Indian Army , India needs youngsters like you dear, nowadays most of the youth are moving towards corporate sector and at the same time we have Kavita with us who want to serve her mother land. Keep  it up sister.

Well please go through the below tips to crack Indian Army (Specially Air force) Exam Guranteed :

(1) After getting up raise your hands high, take deep breath with a nice smile on your face and think "Today is going to be the most successful day in my life". Then request God to be with you for that day and guide you.

Trust me everyone loves someone takes their name, and If you take God's name and ask for his guidance then let me tell you God loves you to do that, and when you have God as your guide then you can yourself imagine "How your day will be "

(2) In your morning prayer: say these things:

From today onwards my life is dedicated to get a job in Indian Army.I am sure about this Aim, there is nothing important other than this job in my life, I will not loose my confidence and keep on trying the same job in my worst situation.

(3) After your breakfast make a plan for your current aim and that days to do list to achieve that Aim..

(4) Before sleeping sit for 10 min and take your plan and to do list for that day with you and think did you do right today to achieve your goal, what more better could have been done ?, List your that days good work and achievement and praise yourself for that good work , have a good smile on your face, raise your hands high think "I will surly get my Aim and I am the most happiest and successful person in this world".

Finally say thanks to God for being with you and guiding you  for that whole day and sleep.

(5) As far as Aptitude,Attitude and Smartness are concerned  I would say these words are discovered by unsuccessful people who have never set up a plan and just decided their life having seen others life.

So don't bother about these nonsense words and start making a plan, Please go through below tips to help you gain good tips to crack Written,  Personal Interview and GD round for Indian Army Entrance Exam.

(1) Written(Aptitude): 

Complete R.S Agarwal for all aptitude related questions, you can finish this book by yourself just do it in faces..:

like in first face: complete all the questions that you can easily complete and mark the doubts , don't research on clearing your doubts now.

In face two: revise what you  have completed and do little  work on the doubts ..

Repeat step two until you finish all your doubts.

That's it Aptitude is done.

I believe you trust my answers as I don't do time pass on this site rather I give only the best answers for any question , if you still have to waste your time to do research then its your call.

(2) Personal Interview and GD:

Well this portion is only imprtant to know when you are done with Written round , because if you can't clear written round then there is no use of wasting time to know how to clear PI and GD.

Trust me I have best tips to crack PI and GD but I will tell you those things once you are done with written round, so just ask me another question after completing Aptitude questions..

Alright dear I am done, start the work right now, show the world your strength, there is nothing like good brain or bad brain, its all your plan and the way you live your life.