Parents are not supporting , confused about aim ?


Dear sir, I m manisha , from Nagpur yet not married.sir i want to ntell u about myself, i have completed bsc(microbiology)49%, MBA(marketing, HR)64%, after that i have done M.A. in public admin by getting third division, i have done o level computer course with 1st division also does SAP but not done practice of SAP.ABOUT my working profile: i have done mkt for 10 months for multinational company. after that 4 to 5 jobs in mkt for less than 3 months. so my profile is not good. also my academics also not good.REGARDING my hobby: i m very much fond of singing without singing i cant live in other sence i cant live without music, its my passion.ABOUT MY NATURE:I want to tell u from my childhood,from childhood, i was dreaming i always sing with radio due fearness i was unable to tell all these interest to my family, also they always scold me when i sing. when my brothers out of home , i sing, but nobody guide me for taking professional training, as i grow i can not forget to sing, i join classical traing class , everybody in my family was againt that.when i start practicing at home, eveybody scold me, i dont know why, also it as very difficult to manage tution fees.still i have learnt upto madhama.i m not not acquire the skills that require for singing still i m singing at home.this is one aspect.MY ANOTHER ASPECT:also i was trying to score good mmarks in academics.i m not satisefied with my %, so there another kind of depression. i sept whole time for studies and singing. ABOUT MY HEALTH: i mschrzophineac patient, now doctor told , that i m getting cured. still i need to take 1 tablet daily. actually i m very much ambitious from childhood. everybody in my family was  against my studies also. still i was complted it. but sir i m not satisfied with my whole life. due to getting nothing i m very much nervous , depressed. i m very much confused, i want to pursue my hobby as well as want to go austriliya for further studies because i want to aceieve something in my life. i got offer leter from middlesex university, UK and la trobe university, Autriliya. sir i dont like to marketing kind of Job as my major specialisation is in MKT. si8r also i want to be a good singer and performer.that is my aim now but at this age what is better for me i dont know. i want to make my name on the list of great famous persons.also nobody support me in any kind of decision from childhood. so i m failure in my carrier life. i didnot aceieve in my life. i have three elder brother and one sister. my brother is elder to me for about 10,7 and 5 years. younger sister got married also2 brothers got married. i have no attraction about marriage.nobody support me morally and financially also. i dont like to do job, because i unable t concentrate on that also, i want to perfect in singing.ABOUT MY NATURE i m introvert, highly ambitious, attracted towards every good thingSIR PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I WILL HAVE TO DO. RIGHTNOW I M AT HOME ON LEAVE FOR 15 DAYS AS I M NOT WELL.I LEFT OUT MKT AND NOW WORKING IN ORG. AS COMP.PROFESSIONAL GOT ONLY 4THOUSAND RUPEES ONLY PER MONTH.SO I M NOT WELL IN ANY FEILD.HOW DO I PERSUE MY DREAM, I DONT KNOW, BECAUSE I M NOT MORALLY AND FINANCIALLY STRONG. SIR PLEASE HELP ME AND GUIDE ME , GIVE ME SATISFACTORY ANS.PLEASE SOLVE MY PROBLEM

By Manisha from GS College Nagpur 


Dear Manisha, same kind of problems I also faced from my family and found by going against my family I can not grow but after becoming self dependent I can certainly do whatever I want to do.

So my first suggestion for you is to be self dependent, and for you I suggest BPO job will be perfect as your english is good, trust me you can certainly crack BPO like Wipro & Infosys, just go to Pune and visit Bpositions at :

CORPORATE OFFICE : 1263, IInd Floor, Laxmi Sadan, Oppo. Sai Service Petrol Pump, J.M Road, Pune Web Site:

Manisha I am not telling you to join BPO forever, just join it so that you can complete MBA with HR with the help of Wipro which offers you MBA with symbiosis Pune.

After doing MBA with symbiosis and work ex of Wipro you will have lot of opportunities from good companies even Wipro will offer you HR manager job in its various branches and sections like Wipro technologies.

Manisha trust me my suggestions will never fail , do as I am telling you , you will never regret with your decisions. One more thing I would like to suggest you that is please be close with God, If you are Hindu then do following puja, please read with trust and faith else don't  read =>

Visit Hanumanji on every Tuesday evening, serve him any red sweet  with your capabilities even 5 /- sweet will do.Do 5 parikramas and say Hanumanji to forgive you for your sins, please don't ask any thing else from any God because they are like our parents they want to help us but not able to because of our sins, now don't forget to distribute the sweet to kids.This is a proven puja of  Hanumanji which will help you to fight with unnecesary obstacles of your life and its proven with me and my students, you don't need any jyotishi or any ring.

If you are christian then visit church on every Sunday thats it.

Feel free to disturb me again for your Career & Job Related Queries.