My father wants me to join a government company,need guidance ?


what do i do now.I want to do social work mainly for rural development . as i have less experience and less knowledge so i want pursue MBA from a good college.So i need a job to fulfill my requirement and mental father want me in gov. job.he never force me but i also not want to heart his feeling and i also have not any financial problem yet.i just confused due to my consciousness and never want to hurt my father. I never tell him my opinion papa too. so i do not know his idea for i want a job and i think i should go at my aim and i tell my father about this soon. so please if u have any job right now then please inform me. i m ready for any job technical and non technical. i want just want some work experience for and my own money to do work freely.

By Krishan Yadav From  Ajay  Kumar Engg. College.


Dear Krishna,

My suggestions for you are:

(a) Your father will never feel bad if you you do anything that is your interest , but he will definitely get heart  if you do anything  which is not your interest and you are not  happy by doing that.They want to see you happy and satisfied with your life.

Dear, our parents wants our happiness, you first decide your final aim, then insist your father regarding that , as you said you and your father have no understanding problem so its a plus point for you.

(b) See , in your age it happens with everyone and we think that we should get a small job and earn own money then prepare for our final aim , its a good thought dear but this is sometimes dangerous also because if you are very dedicated with your final aim then only you can do it, else you will be stuck with your current job, I am going to tell you a story of one of my students:

He wanted to become a software developer but he thought like you and joined a BPO company so that he can earn some money and then with his own money he can continue his studies for software companies, he thought good but what happened was once you join an environment then you think like same way, so that is what happened with that person, he started thinking like another people working in that BPO company, like achieving targets, satisfying customers, joining another BPO company , salary increment etc. and he forgot his main AIM, one day suddenly he realized that his aim was different behind joining this BPO company, but at that time he was not able to go back , and now he is not very satisfied with his job as it was not his interest.

So what I want to say is please do whatever your interest is, you can join a part time job only and only when you have financial problem or understanding problem in your family .

But as you are saying you don't have these problems then just sit with your father and tell him that "this is my interest and I will do better in this, trust me" , now if your father doesn't agree with you then never argue with him in any case, remember we can't grow with going against our parents, just do whatever your parents are saying and , in your case as your father wants you to join a government job then prepare for that and after getting that job do whatever your interest is, now your parents can't force you  not to do whatever you are planning to do with your own salary.

Now if you still want to do any part time job and earn money and then want to do MBA the suggestions for you are:

(1) Try to visit some well known and free  job cunsltants like:   

  • Kelly services:
  • Manpower :
  • Career Crossroads:
  • BPOzitions:
these people are very well known for providing jobs and they take no money from you. just contact them. like BPozitions they are very well known for job in Wipro BPO. 

I am sure you will get a job , just forward your resume and go out from your place to find jobs, like visit pune and go to BPozitions office you will sure get job in Wipro BPO.

But again for this job also you need to do some preparation and make up your mind , don't just go and leave and loose your interest , I suggest you make your plan and let me know so that I can again guide you for that.

But I again suggest you try to concentrate on a better job , because these jobs will also require your time and traveling expenses, so why not do it for a better job.yes there are other jobs also bu having a BE degree I won't suggest you go for that because you will never fee satisfied with those jobs and you will blame me for that surly in future.

Looking for you feedback for this suggestion , feel free to ask me more questions at
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