How To Become Air Hostess ?


I want to become an air hostess but i don't have any idea about this field please help me and give me all details about this.

By Geeta Sharma From Deen Dayal Upadhaya University Gorakhpur  U.P


Dear Geeta, you can of course become an Air Hostess and I will also help you from my deep heart, but I need a promise from you that, you will not ask for an engineer, doctor, air hostess etc..

Dear, we have many sons and daughters like these, but this is my humble request to all newly married are going to be married  people to ask for a son like,  CHANAKYA, SARDAR BALLABH BHAI PATEL, NARAYAN MURTHI, and daughter like SAROJINI NAIDU, MOTHER TERESSA,  KIRAN BEDI, INDIRA GANDHI...

Till when we wi just live for our own stomach , khao , pio bachhe paida karo aur mar jao, aaj hamari galti hai kaise corrupted neta roopi gunde sare rah ghum rahe hain aur hum kuchh nahin kar sakte, are jab hum apne bachhon se progress report mangte hain to in netaon se kyon nahin mangte inke election jeetne ke baad, apne aap sab line pe aa jayenge if we take out at least  1 day a month, gather local media and ask the local Parshad to come and give the progress report.

Well, I am sorry Sister, I am not at all shouting at you, but I am running a mission to help students so I want to let students know about their responsibility towards their motherland also.

Now let me answer your question:

(1) This is my policy to go to the leader always for anything , don't waste time on kids and new players. so I suggest you visit Frankfinn  the leader in Air Hostess training.If you are planning to do it on your own, without joining any institute then it may be little difficult for you, sorry but Air Hostess career is mostly for Big Shots who can invest good amount of money on its costly training.But I have also seen and met many well confident people who had good personality and zeal to achieve this career and they did it, but what I suggest is, always think like a dummy student while making decision for Future, try to know own limitations first.

(2) Eligibility Criteria:

(a)You have to be a graduate ,if you have  degree in Hotel Management or Tourism then its a plus point for you to select air hostess as your career option.
(b) An Air-Hostess candidate must also be below 25 years of age and at least 154.5-157.5 cms tall.
(c) Weight and height should be proportionate with good eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected vision in both eyes.

You need to be physically and mentally strong.Don't worry a nice institute like Frankfinn trains you on all these modules.

so before just giving fee to join any course make sure you are eligible, else these money minded institutes will loot your hard earned money.

These people train you on every aspect of how to become a well trained air hostess, like they concentrate on your personality, communication, means you don't need to join any spoken english class for better english after joining this institute.

(3) Job Profile Of An Air Hostess:

An Air-Hostess carries out the entire day to day in-flight operations.The duty hours are dependent on the flight timings and also upon the flight duration. The job of an Air-Hostess begins with the arrival and welcoming of passengers, introducing safety procedures, providing food and drinks and they have to also  attend the  needs of special passengers such as those who are sick and VIPs. An Air-Hostess also briefs passengers during critical situations, particularly arising with flights facing rough weather conditions.

So you can see Geeta, you have to have command over English not only just spoken english rather a  communication which can force the listener to have a nice smile on their face.

(4) Career Growth & Money :

Without doubt its wonderful, nice perks and you will be able to see many new places, as compared to domestic airlines foreign airlines offer more better salaries, a fresher earns starting with 15000 to 28,000-30,000 INR(Indian Rupees) a month.If you become Head Flight attendant then you may earn more than 60,000 INR a month.

(5) Job Options In Companies:
Domestic aviation sector: Private Sector:Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are the toppers..
Public Sector: Indian (Indian Airlines)

Foreign Airlines: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Fly Emirates are the major recruiters.

This is it from my side, please feel free to ask more doubts because India Needs Kranti and it is not possible if even a single youngster is tense or frustrated and not able to go ahead in his or her life just because of the lack of proper guidance, this is 3.58 AM early morning and I am writing this answer  just to make you feel relaxed and cool regarding making decision for your life.I know if our youngsters are not having any job or career related problem then no one wants to become terrorist or corrupted person.