Ruchika Suicide-Whole India Is Responsible.

Hi friends, this is the hottest news nowadays of Ruchika's suicide, people are shouting , but I am asking where were these people when Ruchika and her whole family was facing threats from  DGP Rathore.

We ask for progress report from our kids, why don't we ask progress report from these politicians and officers, who take huge salary for making useless promises of saving us.

Why don't we arrange a meeting in every month and call the local leaders to come and give the progress report and before the local media why don't we ask them all the questions what we ask after facing any accident because of these corrupted, useless, shameless leaders.On the same day why don't we make a decision in the whole crowd that this leader is not able to answer our queries and his/her progress reports are not satisfactory.

Well, these shameless leaders will no longer be in Indian politics because  young people like Aradhana  are coming in picture now because INDIA NEEDS KRANTI AGAIN.

I request all my respected blog readers to support brave girl Aradhana a friend of Ruchika who made suicide and died because of a shameless haramkhor of Indian government DGP Rathore  by sending a mail to her at below email id of Aradhana: