Best PHP Training Institute In Delhi,NCR ?


hello sir,myself sunny.I am pursuing mca 5th it's time for training(6th sem).so i want to know about the php course details and companies  provided best training   
near delhi ncr zone.

By Sunny From  PDM College of Engineering, Bahadurgarh  Haryana.


Dear Sunny,I will certainly tell you the the best PHP training institute in Delhi/NCR, this is what we don't do here, like we just not answer the question rather suggest you whether that is in favor of you or not ?

So for this question I would like to suggest you, please don't go for PHP training as now the main software development is around J2EE or .Net and XML.I have seen lot of my friends who were working in software companies but due to high demand and pressure of java and .net based projects they had to join .net or j2ee classes.

If you think that j2ee or .net is complex and PHP is easy then I would say, dear in this education system nothing is simple , our useless and money minded education departments have made education a very very hard thing to get.

If you have proper guidance then learning java and .net will be a fun for you, for example if you ask any one regarding best book for java then most of the people would suggest you "java complete reference by Herbert Schield" , but dear I tell you what we Indian people get is Indian edition of this book which is just a summary with lot of sensors.

You can read my blog post regarding Java Interview preparation at:

Best Ways To Learn Java

This post includes information about online certification also.

On this post you will no where see above book, rather I have mentioned some other books which include one Indian writer's book, I ma sure you will love to learn java after reading these books.

If you have a different case that you know java and just want to learn another language then also I suggest you learn XML instead, get command over JSP ,try for SCJP certification, try to work on some Live Projects.means just try to get command over one technology, now the market is very competitive companies don't need you to have thoda-thoda knowledge , they want to now your interest and your expertise on any one technology, of course for clearing interviews you need to have basic knowledge of latest trends and technologies but somewhere they want to know your interests also, so you must try to get command over one, concentrating on one makes your life easier also, you feel confident.

I would rather suggest you in vacation training just join some institute which offers you Live Projects Work on j2ee or .net, don't worry I will suggest you some nice institutes at the end of this post.

Well its your wish , now I will tell you best institutes in Delhi/NCR for J2ee/.Net and PHP training offering vocational training :I am suggesting you 3 institutes , what you have to do is, join whoever is giving you Live Project.All three are good.

(1) NIIT Ltd. Short Term Courses.

web site:

(2) HTS :

web site:

Currently they are running 6 weeks project based industrial training:

(3) Vserve Global:


One more thing, these people are good at their training but they all are business minded also, so beware , they will tell you to join various other courses, but please don't waste your money , like they will tell you to join sql server, oracle and c/c++ classes also, but trust me, you don't require  these, IT companies need you to have at least one interest.They have separate experts for separate branches like for database they will have oracle or sql server expert and so on.. means for a programmer data base connectivity and basic sql quesries are only needed not the whole Oracle or Sql Server package.

And regarding c/c++ , don't worry they can't start without teacjing you the basic of these languages with j2ee/net course, so here you can save your money. I really find these 2 hard to understand then I will suggest you two books for c/c++ which will also help you in IT companies technical and written interviews:

(1) Sumeeta Arora's C++ for CBSE Board 11th and 12th studenst.

(2) lest Us c (C++ not required) by kanetkar's exercises.

This is it from my side dear, please send me your doubts if you still have any on this question, I might not be perfect here, but I have good experience at least in IT industry to help or save my countries students from job or career related frustrations.

Sunny, we are running a revolution on orkut  to work for youngsters, our motto their is no students should ever feel tense, frustrated just because he/she could not get proper and right guidance.

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