Arvind (google adsense) masteraffiliateshowcase, adsense treasure system are 100 % scam?

Dear friends, we earn money by doing hard work online but due to lack of information we get cheated by some frauds like Arvind(google adsense)[after our campaign against his cheating on orkut he has changed his orkut id to "web master" so beware].Or you can always remember this fraud by his orkut id URL which he can not change and that is:

His adsense treasure system which he is promoting on web site is a complete time waste.Let me tell you what exactly he does if you buy his system, I have already wasted my money and time on him.

He gives adsense account and a website from he says you will get automated hits by using some softwares which are so complex to understand that you will never use them , other tips include join traffic exchange sites and free classified sites , come on these tips are available free on net. So why just for taking adsense account waste your hard earned money,I can also go to a big laptop shop and have my photo with it, can go to image hosting sites and get some costly cars photo, come on friends people like this fellow are so dedicated to cheat that they have zero percent emotions , once you buy the product and face any problem they give very casual responses like this person gave me, which I have mentioned in my previous posts with screen shots.

So friends please don't waste your parents hard earned money on these kind of shameless frauds.