500 Rs. Every Month On Orkut

500 Rs. Every Month On Orkut :

Yes That Is True  You Can Earn 500/- Every Month Just For Joining Our Mission On Orkut To Make Our India Corruption Free.On This Community We Help Each Other Regarding Our Career & Job, If Every Youngster Has Job & Money No One Would Like To Become Corrupted & These People Will Only Change The Corrupted System, Let's First We Try To Win Our Young Generation's Heart By Helping Them ,I am Sure They Will Help Us To Change The Wrong System By Joining The System, We Don't Want Kranti With Guns Or Swords Rather We Want Our Youngsters To Be Free Minded, Stress Free So That They Can Take Out Some Time For Their Country Also, Instead of Giving Their 100% Just For Managing Their Livelihood And Fighting With Their Stresses And Frustrations Regarding Their Career & Job. 

Please complete below 2 steps , then you will be eligible to earn 500/- .The only conditions are you have to have minimum 10 friends and no adult or pornographic content,image or video in your profile.The winner will be decided by lucky draw on 1st of every month.Don't worry we will be very very honest for the draw as this is to promote our corruption free India mission.  

The 2 Steps To Be Completed By You Are As Follows:

(1) Add me as your Orkut friend by clicking the below link:
[In your friend request please write "Hi, Want To Earn 500, From Your Blog" So that I can identify that you are coming from this blog.]

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(2) Join The Community By Clicking Below Link:

India Needs Kranti Again

That is it, now you are eligible to earn 500/- every month.
You Can Earn More 500/-(Read Below:)

If you send maximum numbers of friends (Not Less than 10 Referrals Or Friends) to us with your name then you will guaranteed get 500/-.All your referrals have to follow the same above 2 steps,with just an addition that,  they have to mention your orkut name in the friend request they will send me.For ex.

"Hi, Want To Earn 500, From Your Blog, Andy's Friend"