Confidence while Speaking in English ?


thank you sir for suggestion..

sir i am MCA(v)sem student.& iam attend training class.
sir ,i am student of hindi medium & whenever i am telling somthing about in english then i lost my confidense..please give me suggestion...

By Rashmi Sahu From SSCET Bhilai.


Hey Rashmi, its not your fault, come on , We Indians are better than others we are skillful people who are at least ready to accept our weaknesses and ready to improve them, but dear the problem over here is we don't have to waste our time in learning English as already our parents have invested good amount of money for our studies, So what exactly we have to do is , we have to prepare for Campuses, for the questions  they are asking, In the first Round they never ask you to speak in English so try to show your best in this round , try to get more that 90-95 % score, believe me HR recruiters have ignored some  mistakes if you have given good result in first round.

Next for the HR, PI & technical round trust me there are limited and fixed types of questions, बस उन्हें रत लो, उनके CROSS QUESTIONS  के साथ, अपने रिज्यूमे में अपने जो जो लिखा है, उन सबके questions  और answer  prepare करके दिमाग में सही इंग्लिश के साथ unko  बैठा लो, अभी आप केवल apti पे ध्यान दो, एक बार जॉब लगने के बाद आप कंपनी में रहके बहुत अछि इंग्लिश बोलने लगेंगी.

If still confused then do let me know.