What To Do After 12th, Engineering Or Other Courses ?


hello sir, i don't want my name to be mentioned here.well sir my problem is that, i passed class 12 in 2008,then i dropped out for 1 yr preparation of engineering. But due to weak financial conditions, i couldnt join private engg. college,so i joined a govt college for architecture. In the very 1st semester,unfortunately i didn't give exam...so i will have to repeat 1st yr now. So this is my condition at present. I have to again prepare for engg. exams..But i find myself unable to do it now.so sir its my kind request to you that which career should i opt now .... do bba/bsc/bcom/bca ....or continue repeating 1st yr in this course?i have only 2-3 months time to prepare for engg. exams.i am economically weak student.I am really very tensed and depressed also, i don't have much time too......so please guide me as soon as possible.


See, My dear friend, you yourself answered your question, you have weak financial condition so please don't go for engineering because this is a filed which has got Jabardast competition because every year many people are coming out wit BE degree and struggling for job, some has to do another courses also after BE for getting better paying job.Interest id different thing , If you have interest in BE then financial condition does not matter because you can do any thing for interest. But if this is not your interest then just don't do it rather do what is your interest and also which can be done with your current financial condition.

I always suggest my students that for success always choose path which has got less obstacles so that you can at least feel confident by going ahead faster , once you have have got confidence then tough path will also be easy for you.

My friend and dear you all are not students for me, rather I recognize you all students who ask questions here as my own brothers and sisters, I have also faced poor financial condition.I don't want you to do any course like BBA,BCA or whatever you have mentioned above rather I would suggest you complete graduation from correspondence, don't waste your time for going to our useless colleges who are still running the bloody old syllabus, no career guidance , no interview preparation just bookies knowledge, no personal attention and expecting good results from students.

I would suggest you jooin some job guaranteed courses like CMS Computers Ltd Job guaranteed course, HCL Career Development Course and become expert of computer hardware and networking  while doing your graduation from correspondence, this is not a simple course , you can easily get good job in India and abroad specially in gulf countries, nowadays people are buying computers and laptops like TV and all companies are expanding their IT infrastructure by using latest technologies so you will be having great demand in future.

By this way you will not only complete your graduation but also help your family financially.

This is it from my side brother , if you still have any doubt then feel free to ask at:

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