How To Improve Confidence ?


Sir I have done MCA in 2009.I am not confident of attending interview I get scared and avoid it.I am weak in programming how to improve my programming skills.Technology I know is .net please help me sir.

By Parag From Bharati Vidya Peeth Mumbai.


Dear Parag, for this kind of question I always give a very straight forward answer,

You must not think that what you can't do rather you must always think ,

what you need to do to achieve your AIM ?

means you should never think about what you can't do,even if that things come in your mind, just ignore them  like in your case you think that you can't attend interview because you feel less confident or you are poor at programming.Just don't think like this. You should think like , If I want Job Then I have To Have Confidence and I Have To Have Good Programming Skills.

Dear Parag I never answer questions like "I am feeling less confident" because this is not at all a problem , its like if you think that having food is your need then you never forget to have your food so please think like this way, you should think like this  "Getting a good job is my need and for this I will do anything even if I am not capable of doing it because it is my NEED."

This is a technique to train your mind to do whatever you think , just always ignore what you can't do and make plans for what you can do.

So here I can help you to make a concrete plan.Please read below points to understand what you can do:

(1) You are MCA fresher and great news for you is recession is getting over so you are going to get many job offers so not to worry about job offers.

(2) While going for the interview just stand in front of mirror and just abuse yourself with all the "Galis" you know like:

"Saale haramkhor agar interview dene me sharam aati hai to paida kyon hua, tujhe job chahiye to interview face kar confidently nahi to ja mara le bainchod"

Sorry for these words dear but we have to use strict words for our useless mind's thoughts which waste our time and makes us poor as compared to others.We need to have Army kind of discipline for our own mind.

Just Do Like It Parag , You Will never Regret Asking Me This Question.Just Abuse Yourself  Whenever It Force You To Think What You Can't Do.

(3) Parag just tell me do you feel less confident with your younger brother or sister, I am sure you have always felt confident with these people . Just think the same while attending interview, think like the interviewer is like your younger sister or brother,take deep breath and give your best shot.

See Parag "जब उपरवाला दावूद इब्राहीम और ओसामा जैसे पापियों को भी दो वक़्त कि रोटी देता है तो क्या तुम्हे नहीं देगा, याद रखो उपरवाले ने जिसको भी पैदा किया उसके लिए सारे इन्तेजाम करके भेजता है , तुम्हारे लिए भी उस प्यारे ने कहीं न कहीं रोज़ी रोटी रखी है, तो ये जानकार भी  डरना क्यों ?"
Great Saint Shri Asaram Ji Bapu has Said:

 बहुत गई थोड़ी रही, व्याकुल मन मत होए,
धीरज अपना मित्र है, खरी कमाई मत खोए !

(4) Another Tip To Improve Confidence:

Please write answer of following questions and daily give 10 min to loudly answer these questions in front of mirror or your friends.Remember you have to be louder and open your mouth as much as you can.Like you are shouting.
(a)Tell us something about yourself ?

(b) What are your hobbies ?
(c) What is your aim ?
(d) What are your weaknesses ?
(e) What is your plan for the next 5 years ?
(f) Why you want to join this company ? OR What you know about this company ?
(g) What is your salary expectations ?
(h) Why should I hire you ?

(5) Tips To Improve Programming Skills:

(a) If you faculty says you need to have strong logic or brain to do programming then just ignore them.
(b) For me students have never been wrong rather the faculties they are dealing with and the books they are following are bad , so never blame yourself for your failure because trust me dear parag  students are like kids , a faculty or teacher should change his or her teaching style to make students happy and successful in their studies.
(c) I am BE CSE and been with IT industry in Mumbai & Pune for approx. 5 years so I can tell you the fact that for having good programming skill, good brain is not at all a mandatory thing rather having a nice book from where interview questions are asked is mandatory thing. believe me I have discussed this with Infosis's technical interview head while working with Rungta Enginering College Bhila as a Training & Placement Executive that for freshers B.E CS/IT  or MCA only having command over Let Us C By Kanetkar is more than sufficient as far as technical interview is concerned.Just try to love this book and finish all its source codes exercises , if you need any reference book the you can buy CBSE boards Sumeeta Arora C++ to understand OOPS concept which is very important of verbal technical questions.If have interest in Java then you can read my post How To Prepare Java Interview Questions:

As you said your interest is .Net then I would say its really good subject as far as getting faster job is concerned.I would suggest you just buy following books for clearing technical interviews:

(a) .Net Interview questions By BPB publications, BPB publications shop is very closed to CST station Mumbai.
(b) PL/SQL interview questions By BPB publications.

See parag, I already told you in beginning what you have to think is what you should do to get job rather what you can't do so I am just telling you what you should do to get job: Please read below

(a) Prepare for Aptitude questions which are asked in every companies first round from R S Agrawal Aptitude book, don't waste your time on Abhijeet Guha or GRE Barrons or any other book for aptitude preparation, just complete R S Agrawal.You might feel boring with this book but dear that is what our bloody education system doing for whole 3-4 years of our graduation we are only taught about our syllabus and in campuses first round is Aptitude , so we can't change the system , of course we  will in future by becoming the part of system but for becoming the part of system we need to follow what system wants from us now.
Study this book (R S Agrawal ) in such a manner that you first complete all the examples of all the chapters and mark difficult questions, don't stuck, do a second round study and repeat the same process but now try to complete 50 % of exercise questions of all the chapters with marking hard questions and in last round complete left 50 % questions, I am sure in three round like this you will cover this book with confidence and self study.

(b) For Technical Interview just complete the above books (BPB publications interview books mentioned above ) and don't waste your time on thinking about having a live project because you are a fresher now.You just need to have command over your final year project, OOPS concept, Data structure basics, Let Us C source codes, basic Pl/SQL queries ,no need to have knowledge of any DBMS be it Oracle or SQL Server.

(c) For HR round just go through the basic questions I told you to write answers and read loudly daily above.

This is all you have to do to get job ,If you still have any doubt feel free to let your brother know at:
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