What Is India Needs Kranti Means ?


cn u tell me about all this...how v cn join it...wts d benefits..??

By Saurabh From Birla Institute Of Technology.


Dear Saurabh

I am running this web site to help youngsters so that they can take out some time for their country, our useless education system and corrupted political system has made our life so busy with our education and managing livelihood that we have forgotten our responsibilities towards our country.So I want to give my time for youngsters and also taking donation based campus recruitment classes in Bhilai, means I don't ask for the fee , if they have money  then can give else I say them not to  worry and just make your life successful and then give me the fee,I have taken 10 students career responsibility and I want my students to do the same when they become successful, If we all take responsibility for 10-10 youngsters who are going to become the part of future system then these students will themselves change the system.

You can ask your job and career related questions from the home page of our web site and If you are willing to help other krantikaries from our team then you can please join our revolution on Orkut by clicking the below link:(after joining please go to forum of this community and take and give help )