Coaching Institute For MBA ?


respected sir,i really appreciate your work.because in the life that we are living.we have a lot of questions about our future.but we just move on.because we don't have any knowledge about that or can say we are just fearing about our future.
sir,currently i'm studying in 2nd year, with computer science.and in future i am determine to do MBA.
third question::
sir,my college is in such a horrible place that it doesn't have any coaching institute for MBA can u please tell me how can i prepare without any coaching institute???

By GANDHI KUMAR From Annamalai University Tamil Nadu.


Dear Kumar, as I told you in your second answer while doing B Tech you don't need to waste your time for any coaching institute for any other professional studies than your B Tech.Just do as suggested :

(a) Give one day for campus recruitment preparation .Five day for getting good marks in your B.E or B Tech.One day for rest.
(b) On campus preparation day just do these things:

  • R. S Agrawals Aptitude Questions For First Round Of Interview.
  • Let Us C By Kanetkar's Exercise  For technical Interviews.You can buy BPB publications C++ interview question book also.
  • Go to Internet and search for HR/PI questions and answers , you will get many good links just by heart those answers in your own way.

After completing B Tech with good marks and command over above three things try to get a job first by appearing in campus interviews etc. and I am very much sure if you really follow above three things then no one can stop you to get job in your branch.After getting job then with your own money try to face MBA entrance exams and you tell you now, after having command over above three things you will feel very easy and confident to prepare for MBA entrance exams without any coaching institutes help.One more thing, it may be possible that you get a job in better city than your city now where better coaching institutes will be there for sure.

Well if you ask which coaching institutes I like then I would say:

  1. T.I.M.E
  2. I.M.S
  3. K.P Singh Academy For CAT In Mumbai.
That's its.

My brother your parents have already invested good money on you why not doing something on your own.