Want To Become An IAS Officer ?


sir iam your student in rama coaching in december i like your view.sir i want to become a IAS officer.i am 27 year old. i worked in delhi ,ludhiana in travel & tourism(aviation) field.but now i am in bilaspur doing graduation(BA 2nd).plz help me      edu. quali.- 10th-65%[2000],12th-72%[2006]--[both in the first attempt] 5 year gap is for problem regarding subject with my parents.sir i was a student of navodaya bilaspur till 10th std. sir tab se ab tak parents & teacher ne mera saath nahi diya mujhe hi hamesha galat samajaha gaya.lekin sir main bhi bahut jiddi hun maine jo IAS banane ka sapana dekha tha use jald hi graduation hone tak hi pura kar lunga.sir main apne desh men hi rahakar apne desh ki seva karana chahta hu.apne samaaj ki seva karana chhahata hun.sir mujhe ap jai logo ka sath chhahiye.i hope ki aap mera sath denge.aur mujhe IAS banane me madad karenge.
sir main SC cast high middle class se belong karata hun. JAI HIND JAI BHARAT      

By Anil Ben From Guru Ghasidas University Bilaspur.          


Dear Anil as you said you are from Navodaya Vidyalaya and have got good score in your 10th and 12th so as per my view you can certaily crack IAS exam.I would like to give you following suggestions:

(1) First make sure to avoid quarrels with elders and parents even if they seem wrong to you, because we can't go ahead without their support mental as well as financial, I have come across many students situations when they said "Sir, its very very difficult to cope up with parents" , If this is the case with you then just ignore and try your level best to have argument because once you get involved in any kind of argument , you loose your confidence and also your concentration towards your aim.SO JUST IGNORE DEAR.IGNORANCE IS SOMETIMES BEST REMEDY FOR DAY TO DAY LIFE PROBLEMS.

(2) Now after making up your mind that you will ignore people who thinks against you , now the time comes to think and plan for "financial condition", as this is the most basic weapon to win the battle of job and career, well in case of preparing for Civil Service Examination I firmly believe that financial condition doesn't matter a lot.

First start with calculating your age and the deadline for the appearance in IAS exam and start preparing the subjects ONE BY ONE, please don't start preparing all subjects together because preparing for IAS kind of exam needs research which may need you to invest money to buy books, notes or joining any coaching , so if you start all the subjects together they you will be forced to invest for all the subjects and here your financial condition will create problems for you.

So I suggest start with one subject and use all your strength for it, and never think how much time its takes , even if preparing for General Knowledge paper takes 1 year , it doesn't matter, just give your level best for one subject and get the command over it then start the second subject, by this way even if you don't clear your exam in first attempt but you will get confidence in one subject and in next attempt you will just concentrate for other subjects, and I am very much sure that by 2 or 3 attempts you will surly clear any exam , if you follow this way of study.

I will tell you one example, one of my student from a poor family was not able to afford costlier study but he was well determined to become an IAS officer, so he came to me , I gave the same suggestion to him, he started preparation with concentrating on subjects one by one, in his first attempt he could not clear IAS, he again came to me, I told him to join a coaching institute , not to take coaching rather training other students at that coaching institute as he was very good on that one subject on which he concentrated for whole one year, you won't believe , he got very famous for that subject and started earning more than 25,000 a month just for giving tuition for that subject for IAS preparing students. He came to me with nice smile on his face and said "Sir, now I am able to support my parents and my study also and I have bought study material from a well known IAS training institute "

I will tell Anil, with giving training to students he got excellent command over all his subjects and finally in his 3rd attempt he cleared his IAS exam.

So just follow this way of study, let the time go on.

(3) Now I will suggest you some resources to help you clear IAS.

(a) Best web site for IAS exams: upscportal
(b) For preparing aptitude questions which has been added recently in IAS exam., just complete R S Agrawal's aptitude book both reasoning and aptitude.

Apart from these suggestion I would like you to start preparation with one subject and then tell me that subject so that I can guide you on per subject basis