BSNL EVDO Roaming Plan ?

Well friends I would like to let you all my dear visitor know about BSNL EVDO broadband roaming plan, as you all know that BSNL is one of the top Indian telecom company providing mobile and internet broadband connections and are famous for its highest speed of 2 Mbps before launch of Tata Indicom's Foton Plus.

I am personally using BSNL EVDO of 607/- monthly unlimited plan, earlier the speed and service was very poor, now the speed is improved and connection is also stable but service is as it is and even God Can Not Change The Standard Of Service BSNL people are providing at least I can say this for my area sector 1 Bhilai BSNL office management.

Lets come to the main point , the roaming feature of BSNL EVDO, when I bought it , I was promised that roaming feature is available in all the metro cities , but to be very frank that was all false promises made by employee come politicians of BSNL.

But just now they have added the roaming feature in it and at this time writing this post I am using the roaming feature while traveling in Sarnath Express and right now I am going to cross Katni which is very far from my city Bhilai from where I bought my EVDO connection.

But there is a problem , roaming facility is OK, but you can't use it with its speed while traveling, you will be able access web sites but they will take time to download, but if you are staying somewhere put side then its working properly, here one thing I would like to  let you all know that very soon BSNL is going to higher the price of its monthly unlimited 607/- unlimited plan to 900/- or 1000/- per month.

My brother is using Tata Indicom Photon + and successfully used it in roaming , he bought it in kashmir and used it in Bhilai and U.P.

So if you are planning to buy plug to surf mobile USB broadband connection then I would like to suggest you go for Tata Indicom Wiz or Photon + , In Bhilai Photon has not yet launched , but you can but Photon Wiz , which is cheaper(1300/- for the device) yet OK in speed version of it and  its monthly rentals are also cheap like 100/-, 200/- 300/- per month, night hours free, first month after buying free browsing.In Bhilai Tata Indicom's Shop is there in Akash Ganga Supela beside Bata Showroom and the owner of that shop is very nice and cooperative person.

You might need to change the mode while roaming if using BSNL EVDO, see the below image:

Always select Hybrid mode , because this mode means BSNL will detect whether internet is available or not while roaming and being in very outer areas and accordingly manage the net connection, you don't need to change the mode manually, but if you always keep EVDO mode then while roaming you might need to change the mode to 1X, to avoid this manual mode change always have Hybrid mode.. just select it and click on apply then OK., and then click on the globe icon to access net.

Well guys I am now at Allahabad station and as I believed BSNL is totally useless as far as commitment is concerned , net is not at all working with all ,my above mentioned tips by which it must work , Allahabad is not that small city.I hate BSNL.