Only B.E Or Any Specilization Course With It Like .Net Or networking ?

respected sir,i really appreciate your work.because in the life that we are living.we have a lot of questions about our future.but we just move on.because we don't have any knowledge about dat or can say we are just fearing about our future.
sir,currently i'm studying in 2nd year, with computer science.and in future i am determine to do MBA.
second question::
in my college my classmates are going to take the course for .NET and networking.they use to tell me that these courses are the extra boon for a student.
so should i really take it??will i have any benefit in future if i do this courses????

By GANDHI KUMAR From Annamalai University Tamil Nadu.


My dear Kumar, see this is the biggest problem in our age and has been created by our nonsense education system , a very small company uses customer feedack option to imrove their services but why our education system makers don't have any plans like these , they just repeat the same syllabus every time, no class for campus recruitment training, just bookies study and demand that we have to give good result in campuses.

Well, in your case I would like to suggest you following things:

(1) You can easily get job just having B.Tech degree , For God Sake believe me my dear brother, please don't waste your parents money on any courses than B.Tech, I will tell you which kind of studenst do other courses with their B.Tech:

(a) Students who feel less confident in Interviews , no knowledge or no interest to know what is the interview procedure.
(b) Have a lot of money and have habit to waste parents money.
So let me tell your very frankly as I have worked as a training and placement officer in an engineering college so I can guarantee you If you do following things you will never need to do any other courses than just concentrating on B.Tech:

(a) No company needs you to be expert because you are freshers so how can you have command over .Net or any other technology, I have attended software interviews with Infosys, Wipro and TCs technical HRs and they asked the same question to two students one had done .Net training and thus because of very busy schedule got less marks in, and another student has just gone through his project, some basics about OOPs and comparisons of all the programming languages and had command over aptitude questions from R S Agrawal and concentrated on so he got good marks also. Both the students were asked to explain Object Oriented Programming, and second student gave the answer more properly and also showed his good result in so he was selected , after interview the first student came to me and asked "Sir  I have got .Net knowledge but still I was not selected ?" I just asked the same question to the interviewer after final selection and that HR said "Sir we don't want eaperts, if we wanted then why we need to waste our huge money on trainers, we just want students to have at least first division in their , command over quantitative and reasoning questions so that we can judge them on the basis of their logical aptitude , if a person has better aptitude means his problem solving skills are good and we can train them easily, apart from , we need other courses only from experienced people not from  freshers".

So my brother, just don't listen to your friends & do these things:

(a) Give one day for campus recruitment preparation .Five day for getting good marks in your B.E or B Tech.One day for rest.
(b) On campus preparation day just do these things:

  • R. S Agrawals Aptitude Questions For First Round Of Interview.
  • Let Us C By Kanetkar's Exercise  For technical Interviews.
  • Go to Internet and search for HR/PI questions and answers , you will get many good links just by heart those answers in your own way.
This is it Kumar, you just need to do above three things to secure your life , no need to do any other course than your B. Tech.These three things will help in preparing for MBA entrance exams also.