Join BCS Technology & Classic Elevators or Not ?


Sir I am from Ajay Sinha from MP Christian College of Engg. & Tech , recently one compnay "BCS Tech India Ltd." came to our college for campus interview and I got selected but they are taking 20,000/- before joinig , plz suggest whether I should join this company or not. Also please tell me about another company which is going to come to our college for campus interview i.e Classic Elevators I Ltd. ?

Ajay Sinha from MP Christian College of Engg. & Tech.


 Dear Ajay,

I have searched for both the companies and found both are not useful for a student like you.

In the same category of elevators if you search "Kone Elevators" you will find a proper web site  but if you search for "classic elevators" they are not even listed on Google.It does not matter a lot but at least give us an opinion that this company is not that famous.

The same case is there with BCS Tech I Ltd. they have their own web site but are in construction,I can not understand this , a company which is going to higher engineers with huge salary is not having a concrete web site to show others that what exactly they are doing, on which softwares they are working on, there are so many consultants who higher like this and then demand more money from people or show another hidden Terms & Conditions.

So I would suggest you being a serious student don't spoil your life with these unestablished companies.You said you also don't have any money problem so why not wait and prepare for bigger companies campus interview, Risk Is Life My Dear.