Asaram Bapu Scam ?

Is Asaram Ji Bapu A Fraud ?

Before watching these videos I was also thinking like you:Please watch all these 3 videos to make any conclusion

(1) Video 1:

(2) Video 2:

(3) Video 3:

This is my personal opinion that Bapu can't be a person who will have sex with any woman, I have visited his Bhopal ashram recently and found people so ignorant about whatever is happening against Asaram Ji, I found every one busy in their japa and pooja, one lady who was crying in front of Bapu's photo said to me that because of bapu's blessings and love her husband who was about to die because of his bad habits like smoking, Ladki baazi, Drinking, he suddenly left all his ill habits just after one visit of Asaram ji bapu's Asram and satsang, She said in my dreams also I can't think Bapu would do any thing like that, She also compared Bapu with Shirdi Sai baba and said Indians have never respected people who have come up to help mankind , but after their death or when they are respected by foreigners these Indians respect these people, like now ever day 20,000 people visit Shirdi sai baba but when he was on earth so many people tried to create conspiracy against him.

I also think that now the time has come when whole world is understanding the great knowledge of Indian culture then we must also try to understand and respect our own people, if we can't do any research to find out the truth then at least we must keep our mouth shut.

I can even bet about these "Haram Khor" people who does or have done all these against people like Jesus Christ, Shirdi Sai Baba, Asaram Ji Bapu, will also blame Swami Ram Dev Ji in future who is now well known for saving people's money from buying costly medicines.

In Asaram Ji Bapu's own words:

बहुत गई थोड़ी रही , व्याकुल मन मत होय !
धीरज अपना मित्र है, खरी कमाई मत खोय !!

So people whoever believes in Indian culture,I Er. Rakesh Yadav from India Needs Kranti Again Mission urge that please don't loose your patience, good time will surly come, remember ,

हर अछे समाज सुधारक(ईशा मसीह, साईं बाबा, तुलसी दास, मुहम्मद साहब ,गुरु नानक देव ) को इस अज्ञान दुनिया वालों ने उनके जीवित रहते नहीं समझा, जो समझे वो आज हर सुख सुविधा के साथ जी रहे हैं, उनके बाल बच्चे बड़े बड़े पदों पर हैं, और जिन्होंने अपमान किया आज उन्हें दुनिया उनके मरने के बाद भी बद-दुआएं देती है, क्या आप भी ऐसी ही जिंदगी चाहोगे ?