BBA & MBA For Supporting Father In Business ?


I am a commerce student  want to join my father business for this I am opting  to do BBA in management  further MBA is it ok or I should do something else plz help me.

By Kunal Srivastava From Stratford .


Dear Kunal, from your question I can only imagine that your main interest is to help your father not having a degree in MBA, so first make sure what is your interest, If you just want to help your father then find out by doing what you can help him, if you have planned that you can help your father by doing MBA after BBA then go for it.By having MBA degree you can surly help your father in business because after MBA you will certainly get managerial ideas and tactics.

I have seen people who have got any master degree specially MBA then they find it easy to handle different situations in day to day life while working.

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