Own BPO, How To Open ?

How To Open Own BPO ?

Question: I m Raghavendra .I heared about you from jiny and balveer. sir I am pursuing MCA fifth sem. now .sir want to open my own BPO ,so please suggest me how I will reach on that field and how i will get project from companies. thanks.

By Raghavendra Thakur From LNCT Bhopal.


Dear Raghavendra, Its really very appreciable to see Indian students going for entrepreneurship in their early days of education, would that our youngsters  take serious interest towards politics also, then no one in this whole world will dare to stand in front of us, that's the power we the youngsters of India have.

Well let me come to your question: Please read my suggestions for you:

(a) First complete your MCA properly, 5 days in a week for your current work and just 1 day for the future projects including career planning, thinking for problems, taking tensions etc.

(b)If your financial background is good then it will be very easy to start a BPO business , but if not then you might face lot of problems , so be ready for each of this conditions and make up your mind.

(c)See, To start your BPO biz , you need clients and that to from outside India then only you will be in bigger profits, else you can start your biz with local companies also like mobile connection companies like idea, airtel, tata-indicom, vodafone etc.

(d)Now according to me you first search from where you can get clients, for this my suggestions will be as follows:

(i) Visit below sites and see the profile of people who take projects from outside and learn to make similar or better profile on these sites.

   http://www.guru.com  &  http://www.getafreelancer.com

these two sites are well respected regarding getting projects from all over world, and they pay properly but for that you have to have good profile with excellent background, you have to show that you have that setup to complete their work, means "dikhawe pe saari duniya marti hai" type ka.its very simple , just see and study others who are working on the same field where you are interested with.

(ii)My second suggestion for you will be, try to visit Mumbai or Pune and join some local BPO companies who take outsourced projects and slowly learn with them how actually they operate.You do one thing just read Mumbai Mirror, or Mid-Day not online, you need to go to these places, to find out local call center jobs in these two big and emerging cities in India for BPO jobs, I am sure very soon you will be able to come to know How they operate? How they take projects ?

But make sure you join small BPO companies first then big BPO companies also like WIPRO, Infosys, Convergys , Mphasis etc.., because with local BPO's you will get ideas how they take projects from local companies and with international big BPO's you will be able to know about the international operations.

Dear Raghavendra, trust me you don't need to bother about any thing else on this question if you just follow above 4 suggestions, and in future M.P and C.G are going to be big markets for BPO's so all the best, but remember the success funda in life=> 5 days for current responsibility, 1 day for future plans, 1 day for fun with family.

Please feel free to ask me again , I love to answer, its my passion to make "krantikaris" in India, who will again fight for their motherland by becoming extremely powerful, no one will be jobless and frustrated with life.Just Let me Take Your Tensions, Click Here For Bothering Your Brother Er. Rakesh Yadav For Another Question.