.Net Projects Best Institute ?

.Net Projects Best Institute In Delhi/Noida?


I am pursuing mca(5sem), I have selected .NET stream ,,and want to do project from delhi/noida.
plz tell me  from which company I should make  my project.

or u suggest me what should I do  my  6 sem. for my batter future,,,,any certified course?

By Gautam Udhlani From LNCT Bhopal.


Dear Gautam, you are doing MCA, which itself a very job oriented degree, don't listen to people who make you worried regarding your career,companies will never ask you to make a program or a software in the interview, please read below what a company needs from an MCA graduate ?

See, Gautam all my suggestions may seem very simple to you, but I have helped many with these simple suggestions only, If you want to still waste your time on search engines then its your wish.

(a)Try to get first division in your MCA.

(b) You must be having command over aptitude questions, so please complete R. S Agrawal for the aptitude round , which is the first round of any company.

(c) complete "Let Us C" by kanetkar for techincal written interview and have command over your project, ask yourself each and every question related with your project, Also read j2ee interview questions By BPB Publication(this book covers all the basics regarding OOPS concept, java, xml, sql queries), and .NET interview questions By BPB publication as this is your interest.Don't waste your time on any technology in detail rather have brief idea, definition, comparisons for all technologies as you are a fresher.

(d) For HR, PI & Resume, please send me your personal details by clicking here => Best & Free Career Guidance B y Er. Rakesh Yadav 

Trust me gautam , these four steps can guarantee your job in any top level software company, or government jobs like Bank PO, IT Officers in Banks.

Now lets come to your another question that was "project from delhi/noida.
plz tell me  from which company I should make  my project." & "any certified course?"

Trust me gautam, it might be very difficult for you to believe me but as a fresher you really don't need to do any certified course, your parents have already invested good amount on you, just show him that you can get job on the basis of your MCA degree only and trust me , if you really follow above four steps then you will never regret to ask me your doubt.

But if you still looking for any certified course then I will suggest you to do join NIIT Delhi or Noida for .Net as this is your interest. I don't trust the faculties from NIIT but they have got the huge market and placement tie-ups with all the major companies, so you will get .Net project with placement calls, yes their placement team is very active and dedicated, and please don't waste your time at NIIT for other courses as they may tell you to join data base courses with .Net, you just ask them for .NET live project and training  with placements.

No other institute will be suitable for you from Delhi and Noida , but if you don't like then can go to Hyderabad (Begumpet), this place was earlier very famous for software courses but not its not like that, but still this place is well respected for software projects given and trained by experts with very cheap cost and 24 hours lab facility for practice.

After learning .NET and having a good project if you want a certified course then you can go for The Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) online certification which enhances your skills , but again it requires money and devotion.

Again I am telling you, you really don't need all these things except above 4 steps, because once you joined a software company, you will have your own money, and companies offer you more better options for online certifications.

This is it from my side, please feel free to ask me your doubts again, if you are still in doubt by clicking here
 =>Free Career Guidance By Er. Rakesh Yadav