Java Interview Preparation ?

Java Interview Preparation (specialization course in Java) ?

Question: Is there any specific field or course of java which needs more focus in point of interview ?  any other course which add or enhance  my skill of  java knowledge?

By Praveen Sahu From Oriental Inst. Of  Sc. & Tech.  Bhopal

Answer: Yes, there are some specific fields in java which need to be concentrated according to me which are given below:

For Freshers:

(a) Command Over All Core Java Topics like OOPS concepts,class, objects, keywords, access specifiers, platform in dependency of java etc. It is also known as basic java, or you can say except java beans, swing, applet, servlet, jsp and ejb everything is very-very important for the java  interview point of view  for freshers.There is an online certification from sun micro systems(the creator of java) i.e SCJP , Sun Certified Java Professional, if you clear this exam then you have a big market in IT industry, there are so many people who might have this certification from various institutes who take some money and give certificates, please don't compare yourself with these people.

Praveen , again I want to repeat, you are a fresher, you don't need these certification and no need to waste your money on money eater institutes, your parents are supporting you for MCA from a respected college, just show them that you can get a good job on the basis of your degree itself, yes you can , just follow the steps I suggested you when I met you in Bhopal, or you may read my following post:This post includes the tips I gave you with best institute for .Net project in Delhi/Noida.

But if you still want to prepare for this specialization course (SCJP) then follow my below best suggestions, I guarantee you will definitely clear this world renowned online java certification without paying anyone any money:

(i) First you complete "Java For Beginners By Shirish Cahavn" by shroff publishers and distributors, this book is written by Mr. Chavan , I really loved to read his simple yet excellent way of teaching java.

(ii) Now you read "Head First Java" for Core Java  by O'reilley publications.An another excellent book written by creator of SCJP certification papers form Sun Micro Systems Inc.

(iii) Now complete "SCJP guide by Khalid Mughal", a very famous name among java lovers for clearing SCJP.

Please do follow the steps , read these books in the sequence I have suggested you.

(b) C++  Vs.  Java ? Java security features ?

(c) J2EE Vs .Net ?

(d) How to implement data base features using java, jdbc and basic sql queries not oracle or sql  server ?

For Experienced People:

(a) Excellent command over the project doing in previous company be it just JSP or struts , hibernate or spring.

(b) If you are from non IT experience then please try to have perfect command on core java concepts and here I will suggest you try to get SCJP certification being an experienced person from no IT background , but due to some reason want to join software company.

Please remember for Java based interviews please don't waste your time on applet and swing and ejb (for freshers, just need to know what is ejb, advantages of it etc , no much details) but experienced need to know details of  servlet, jsp and ejb.

This is all from my side and would like to hear more from  my Krantikari (Er. Praveen Sahu) with whom I want to fight for my India for our mission "No Youngster of India Will Be Without Job And Will Never Feel Frustrated, Helpless or Alone"..

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