How To Prepare For CCNA ?

Question: How To Prepare For CCNA ?

How to prepare for CCNA exam.scope in CCNA and best institue for CCNA ? By Anchal vishwakarma from sai college.


Preparing for ccna will only help you if you know the job options after doing ccna.Suppose after doing ccna you are not called for the interviews then what was the use of doing ccna.

Let me be very clear with you, if you want a job after doing ccna then please join CMS Computers Ltd. job guaranteed network specialist classes.CMS offers courses on networking and after completion of the course they place you on big companies means after joining cms you don't have to bother about getting job with ccna certificate.

Why I am saying you to join cms is because nowadays so many people have done ccna courses but not getting practical exposure for it like routers,switches to work on,but cms provides you real time labs and hands on practical knowledge with stipend.But yes this does not come free,they charge a handsome fee for this course.

To find more about CMS ccns course(includes ccna and other technologies) offers you may visit Why CCNS ? and

CMS Job Guarantee after CCNS

There are other institutes also like Jetking but according to me cms job guarantee really works because I have personally worked with CMS Computers Ltd Mumbai.

I hope these informations have helped you.