Job or MBA After BBA ?

Question: Job or MBA After BBA ?

I'm pursuing in BBA final, I want to know whether I should go for job or MBA? which is better as per today's requirement? By sukhdev sharma from St.Thomas college, Bhilai.


If you are financially strong then please please go for MBA because frankly speaking scope for only BBA in market is very less.Yes if you have got good communication skills then you may get job in good BPO companies as an executives but if you had planned to go for managerial posts then BBA is not at all going to help you.

After doing BBA you can get a job in any one of the following fields
Commercial Banking,Corporate Finance,Financial Planning, Insurance,Investment Banking,Money Management,Real Estate.

BBA is a bachelors degree and MBA is a masters degree.For example if you work for a firm and you have BBA then you will earn 30 or 35 thousand....and if you have MBA then the same firm will pay you 40 or 45 thousand a year and also you would have to work less than a BBA employee.

So again I repeat its all depends on your financial condition, suppose you are not financially strong then better go to get job(don't worry just go to metro cities like mumbai,pune there are so many consultant to offer you job and they take money from company not from you and believe me there are jobs for BBA people also as i mentioned earlier) and while doing that job try to save money and do part time MBA from institutes like velingkar (mumbai),they offer equal importance MBA degree as full time MBA colleges.

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Hope these all info had helped you.Good Luck and take care.