Best Spoken English and PD Class In Bhilai-Learn & Earn With Shreem Classes

Hi Friends,

First of all thanks for taking interest in our coaching classes, believe me our
classes are going to rock because of our unique features and because of the mission I have started it, Let me tell you my mission for starting this class:

I have been a very hard working and patriotic kind of student who used to believe only in hard working but every time whenever I wanted to do something in my life money issues have come to my life like my father, he never understood me. I used to work late evenings at my lab in college but my father used to think that I was watching movie and so on........

Due to all these reasons I thought whenever I get money I will start a class wherein no one will have money issues and also I will give only the best information with no cheating.

Now you can read our classes uniqueness:

(1)We have only 10-12 students in a batch so that I can concentrate on each student.

(2)I firmly believe that english can not be taught just be giving some written materials so in our 3 months and 2 weeks classes I teach all the translation rules,grammar,word power etc in just one month.English can be learn with practice only and we don't tell our students to go home and practice rather we give them full 2 months to practice under my guidance which other classes won't dare to offer.

in 2nd month we do only GD (group discussion) and in 3rd month we do only one to one

interview preparation(Hr/PI and your branch related technical questions also).

We don't want to take any risk on our students job so what we do is, we prepare our students for all kind of interview questions with their answers and cross questions.

In last 2 weeks we teach computers,MS office,Internet so that you can be updated with the latest trends.

Besides these I offer financial freedom to my student like.

(1)I don't want any one to leave my class just because h/she could not pay the fee so our installments are very simple.

The total fee is 2000/- with very easy installments: while joining 500/- and rest of the amount can be given any time you like during the 3 months course.If you have any family problem please tell me the date you can give me the fee, I won't ask you to pay me before that day.

(2)To help you more I have started referral income to my students like If you tell your friend(and I know you will surly tell because of our uniqueness) I give you some fee concession by 100/- to 200/- deducting from your fee per student.Recently 2-3 students have only given 1300/- to 1400/- out of 2000/- just by referring their friends.

(3)We have monthly 500/- scholarship for our students.

(4)All our students who pay the full fee becomes our partner and earn extra cash as a partner of shreem classes for 6-10 months.For this you just have to give your whole fee whenever you can and just be at your home.We will call you to take your part (cash).

Recently one of our student had made 300/- just in one month with us by doing nothing except giving his whole fee.

Thanks and Best Wishes
Rakesh Yadav
Shreem classes


Near Rungta boys hostel
mangal bhawan
awanti bai chowk
kurud road, kohka
bhilai khursipar.