How To Create Top Menu Links In Blog ?

Just log in to your blog then go to dashboard then edit html and now search for showaddelement. You would find this as "no" just make it "yes".Save changes made to the blog.

Now go to layout-page elements-html/java scripts and copy the following code with the names of your menu links and then change the place as you like.

The code can be found at

You may click the below image to view my blog changes for the same:

Click on the image to view clearly.

Suppose you want a Home Top Meny Link in your blog then you need to add a code to your blog from dashboard-page elements-html/java scripts like this:

Click on the image to view it clearly.You can have as many menu links as you want like About Me,Contact Me etc..just change the above code and add to your blogger page element.

You can also change the color of the Menu Links, just check out more at