How To Avoid NightFall & How To Increase Sperms ?


I want out of night fall.

Our  Respected Visitor From KK Jain College.


Hi friend, I won't comment on how we suffer to this problem but again I will say that its another impact of our nonsense education system and uncooperative behavior of our seniors who always say us to do good but they never bother to take out time from their busy schedule to tell us How to do those good things, which in terns leads to tension and unnecessary stress, and if you believe me I would say nightfall is one of the outcome of stress , its not that you have done some wrong practice in your childhood or something like that.

There are many students who come to me and say.. "Sir why I get excited whenever I see any nude picture whereas my friend does not feel like that and he is able to concentrate more on his studies than me" and what I answer is: "feeling excited is not your weakness its your sexual strength , your sexual organs are more developed than your friend, and having good sexual power is also a  good thing to run this life successfully, so never blame yourself just think like no one in this world is like you and there is no comparison to you, ".

Believe me dear being over confident is not bad its just the beginning of getting confident.

So first tip for you to avoid nigh fall is : Stop Blaming Yourself even if you have done blunders in your life, rather always make plans to move ahead in your life.

Second Tip:  Never sleep with wet legs , you can wash them but dry them out with towel, then apply mustered oil on them and then sleep.

Third Tip:  You need a good sleep, stop thinking what will happen that night, see if daily bad things are happening to you then don't think about them rather keep on doing more and more good things in your life, one day your good thing will overpower bad things in your life.

One of my student who was suffering with the same problem, increased the timing for exercise daily even if he used to have night falls daily, and one day he met me and said Sir, now its just like once in a weak.

So just keep on increasing good work in your life.No to have proper sleep again I will suggest to use mustered oil on NABHI (The center part of your body) , three times clockwise and then three times anti clockwise, believe me after doing this your 2 hours sleep will be as equal as 4 hours sleep.

Fourth Tip: Take Evion 400 to increase sperms , this medicine is best to avoid mental stress also and it contains Vitamin E, which is the major part of Sperms that we loose in night falls, Take this once in a day alternate days , to avoid getting habit of it.

Fifth Tip: Start doing Indian Style Exercise Like DAND & BAITHAK , 3 sets of each with increasing reps starting with 5 for DAND and 10 for BAITHANK daily then increase them after 2 weeks for 5 more reps.Zim exercise will only lead you to more useless weight and stress on your organs and more night falls.

That's it man, you are done now, forget about night fall problem from today onwards because here we only give advice that works , no useless time pass to gain time pass visitors.

Cheer up buddy , you are the blood of people who defeated Alexander the great .