One More Reason To Respect Indian Culture

Why most of the Doctors are doing Sigerian Operation for delivery ?

The answer is very simple they simply wants to make money out of helpless parents.Are these people really the second God, they don't even know the fact that Girl child normally takes more than 9 months as compared to boy child, they simply suggest go for sigerian if the pregnancy days are more than 9 months.

My wife and me have  recently blessed with a baby girl, my baby was taking time more than 9 months , we went to one of the top most hospitals in U.P named Heritage hospitals Varanasi.

The doctors gave the same response and they did the sigerian operation, I still can't forget those moments when My dearest better half was on bed helpless to do anything, crying for the reason, a baby Girl and that to with operation.I know in this there is no fault of my wife or my baby, in fact my mother-in-law suggested us that usually girls take more time than the specified 9 months despite being illiterate.SEE THIS IS WHY I RESPECT MY CULTURE THE MOST , THEY WERE SO GOOD AT CARING GOD'S MOST WONDERFUL CREATURE "US" THAN BEING SO CALLED EDUCATED FOR ALMOST USELESS EDUCATION SYSTEM NOWADAYS.

Now just because of these doctors my wife will have to go for sigerian again for the next baby, and they will make money out of it.  What Bullshit is this.I am going to send my daughter to Gayatri shaktipeeth or Patanjali Haridwar to learn Indian science(No current education like B.E or MBA for her, rather I will deposit some 10-15 lacs rupees for her so that she can freely research on Indian great culture.) so that no more money minded doctors feed there tummy by doing sigerian operation.