Palmbux is Confirmed Scam Site.

Hi friends another bad news for us, this site (palmbux ) which was working very nice like another good ptc sites but today its has turned scam site, so please don't join this site.Sometimes these site just block the IP address of the user who had got good balance by clicking their ads, so it might be possible that this site will open at your system, but please be careful.I am very much sure that I have not done any fraud clicks with palmbux.

I had made around $1 on this site by regular clicks and also got good referrals but all my hard work was wasted.You can yourself try to open this site it is saying server not found.You must be thinking why these type of sites come ?, well I have a guess, You all must have heard there are some sites who  buy and sell email lists so what these scam ptc site do is they promise to give their user some cents just for clicking their ads with low payouts and then after receiving good amount of sign ups they just turn them off.

And one very interesting thing I would like to tell you here that is the ads these companies tell you to click are their affiliate links, its not that big companies are contacting them or paying them for the clicks.

Well this is not the case with every ptc site, there are very good and genuine sites like two I have mentioned in my blog.