Is Neobux a Scam ?

 Hi friends please read my personal experience regarding Neobux scam or not, I had both good and bad experience with this site, you can save your money and time by reading my review below.

Why you should not work with Neobux ?

(1)Everyone knows that this site gives you 4 ads daily to click worth 1 cents but on their main page they have written 2 cents, after you join then you come to know that as a free user you can't earn 2 cents on your clicks , you have to upgrade to earn 2 cents on each clicks and that upgrade is very costly(i year golden membership costs $ 90).

(2)They say that you can get all your referrals clicks share but they don't clearly tell you that you have to complete 1 month and at least 100 clicks on you own to make referrals.means if you have not completed 100 days with them and made 100 clicks (4 ads daily so 25 days to make 100 clicks) you can't make referrals , If you by mistaken made some referrals before having 100 clicks and 1 month all you referrals will be waste and they will never come under you.

(3)Most shcking thing for a new user at neobux is their renting referrals system.Once you buy referrals (I bought 20 referrals for $ 5) some of them will work very fine for you whereas some of them won't work , now here neobux gives you an option to recycle that lazy referral for a new active referral for some amount
(another neobux making money trick).Somehow I managed to make my $ 5 out of me rented referrals but the day neobux saw that I have made my invested amount earning, suddenly I saw none of my referrals are clicking ads(still 7 days were left for renewal), I wen to search on google , I sent a mail to neobux support(no reply from neobux) but I got the fact from sites regarding scam ptc that Neobux uses bots to click as referrals means the referrals you buy are not the actual human referral like you an me rather they are robots under control of neobux, whenever neobux wants it can stop clicks and start clicks.

(4) One last thing , if you even leave clicking ads on a single day , you might face account suspension problem and none of your referrals clicks (direct and rented both)will be credited to you, means you have to be active daily to receive your referrals clicks incentives and to avoid account suspension.

So my suggestion for you if you want to make money from any ptc site please don't buy referrals , just clicks your ads daily and make human referrals who also click daily on their ads.

Why you must work with Neobux ?

(1)You have heard that always make smart friends, so Neobux could be a smart friend which knows how to make money,means there are less chances of getting this site closed.

(2)Yes that's a fact that this site has always paid to its members instantly.So finally I would like to suggest all my dear online earners that yes you can make money from Neobux provided you follow above suggestions, like don't buy/rent referrals, refer as many friends as you can, click your ads daily.

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