How To Prepare For Bank of India Probationary Officer Exam

Well almost all banks have the same exam pattern like aptitude test, english and personal interview.

I personally suggest you just go through all units of  R. S Agrawal aptitude book for aptitude test and for english tulsi sahitya publications "improve your english" and "art of english". I guarantee you will not need any other book after reading these two books.

For english which combines articles, prepositions, gerund, participles, infinitives, cloze test, passage reading, antonyms and synonyms.Above two books will not cover  passage reading and antonyms and synonyms. So i suggest you Barron's GRE preparation book for antonyms and synonyms and for passage reading there is no book I know because its all your english language understanding.If you are good at spoken english then it is very simple to crack this portion.

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