Send SMS and Make Money

Hay friends as we all know nowadays there are so many websites coming with this idea of sending sms and earning money, in the same regard I have recently found a website( visit it here ) which is in market since 2004 and giving good money to people, but only one thing that might make people think before joining this site and that is you have to pay $ 10 to start your earning, the site says we are looking for active members so we have to go by our policies,though they are taking $10 but their earning features are good like they will pay you $3 on each referrer and also if you send smses to your friends you earn money.There is no country boundation you can send sms to anywhere in the world.

If anyone of you have joined it please let me know your experience so that on this blog I can include this in My Favorite Sites and be able to give my visitors "Free Help With The Best Answers Only".Now I have categorized this site into my new website reviews section on my homepage.