Save Energy With Solar Energy

Nowadays we all can understand that the importance of saving energy.In earlier days like our parents used to praise planet Sun for its almighty support to mankind but now I feel that we youngsters have forgotten the help we have been receiving from Sun.

The research work on this tremendous energy source was started on early 1860s, but this is very unfortunate I feel that till now we have not been able to make solar power as popular as our other source of energies like petrolium gas, coal gas and water thermal power generation etc.If we look at the data that how many countries are doing reaaly good work for solar power generation then we would come up with very few names like USA, Spain, Korea, Germany and Portugal.

According to me this is really bad news for our education policy makers that they never thought to introduce a course on Solar Power Management.Thank God someone came up with the idea od CFL bulbs and we started saving lot of energy.

According to one research, we will run out of conventional oil in 40 years (2045), coal in 154 yrs (2159).Now this is the time to understand the importance of saving and using solar energy because I am very much sure Sun will never leave us without its support as long as we understand the nature.To know more about Solar Energy and  Solar Lighting you may visit Here .