How To Overcome Difficulties in the Subject Commerce ?


How to overcome difficulties in the subject commerce?? as I have opted commerce in 11th class and it's my 1st year,m not able to cope up with it. By TWINKLE SHAH from holy cross byron bazar.


Twinkle first of all I would like to say that if you have chosen something then you must be aware and ready to fight all problems related with that thing.

Let me make you aware about the importance of this subject so that you can get confidence in it and I firmly believe if some one has got confidence then nothing is difficult to achieve.

To gain confidence about any subject one must think about the future and job prospects of that subject so let me introduce you the job prospects of this subject:

Don't bother yourself if you are not good at mathematical terms and questions of commerce just try to clear your exams and after clearing you have more better options than a science graduate,look at this points to know more.

Job options for a commerce graduate are:

Mass Communication:

If you want to be into media and communication field, then you must take up B.A in journalism or mass communication.

Graphic Designing & Web Designer

You can join the very fast growing web site designing & Animation Industry.

If you like or you are good at computers then you can go for B.C.A after school.Let me tell you the fact now industries are looking more for BCA/MCA graduates more than BE graduates because of the stability and better practical knowledge you people are having as compared to BE people. If you are interested in management then you can go for B.B.A and later on easily go for MBA.

This is what I have told you is what you are doing and future prospects of what you are doing as far as difficulties in commerce subject is concerned please let me know what exact difficulties you are facing I will be more than happy to help you.

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