C Interview Questions and Answers ?




First of all let me make sure why you just want to prepare for c interview questions ?well if you are not sure about this question then let me tell you one thing that in technical interviews c and c++ questions are asked together not just c or c++.

If you are not able to answer interviewer's questions then they ask you that tell us on
which language you are good at if you say c then they ask you c based questions only if you say c++ then they ask you c++ questions only.

So if you trust me I am going to suggest you how you can prepare for both c and c++.

Please follow these steps:

(1)Solve all the exercises of "let us c" and "let us c++" by kanetkar, if you have less time for the interview then make sure to complete "let us c" by kenetkar.

(2)If you are financially good then buy these two books by BPB publications:

(a)Interview Questions In C Programming.(around 400/-)
(b)Interview Questions In C++ Programming.(around 400/-)

(3)If you are not financially good then follow these steps:

(a)Just go to http://www.coolinterview.com/type.asp?iType=40.This web site is having huge collection of c interview questions with answers with no sighn up required.Just make sure that don't go to other sites from this site rather just try to concentrate with c questions and answers.Another thing is that on this site you may get 2-3 answers for a single question now its up to you to take the right one but if you can't make sure which one is the best answer then please let me know by asking at http://besthelponweb.blogspot.com

(b)After completing above web site you can now check out http://www.newinterviewquestions.com/cat/C-interview-questions/?&iType=40&iDBLoc=0 Here also you get huge collection of c interview questions, you might get same answers as above site but this is just a reference for you,please don't get confused and try to make out your own answer from these two sites or if you are really very confused with some answers from both the sites then please feel free to ask at http://besthelponweb.blogspot.com

(c)Now you can check out http://www.techpreparation.com/c-interview-questions-answers1.htm Unlike above two web sites this web site is not having so many questions but it has only one answer of a question.Again please don't get confused,this is also a reference site for you.

Please make sure you have done step no.1 (compulsory for every one whether you are financially strong or not), step no. 2 or step no.3 depending upon your financial condition.

After completing these steps just make sure yo have done following very inportant c and c++ questions:(Sometimes these questions are asked during final HR round also)

Q. Rate yourself in C on a scale of 1-10 in which 10 being the highest?

Q. Differenciate between Arrays and Pointers?

Q. Differenciate between malloc and calloc? Why do we need realloc?

Q. How to allocate a two-dimensional array dynamically?

Q. Is the following statement a valid construct?
const char * const *p;

Q. What is conditional compilation?

Q. Differences between Structures and Unions?

Q. What is a memory leak?

Q. Can we use one macro in the definition of another macro ? If Yes, How ?

Q. Nesting of loops in C may continue upto...?

Q. What is the difference between the following three statements:
(a) const char * ptr1;
(b) char const * ptr2;
(c) char * const ptr3;

Q. Differenciate between the pointer to a constant and the constant pointer ? Specify the declaration statements and Explain ?

Q. How to declare an array of N pointers to functions returning pointers to functions returning pointers to characters?

Q. Tell us the importance of the feature "type definition" ?

Q. Why multiplication of pointers is not allowed?

And some questions listed from the following web site:

Friends I promise you if you follow these steps then no one can reject you in c and c++ interview questions.Please make sure that you don't waste your time on other web sites than these web sites I have listed above.

If again you have any problem with C/C++ interview questions feel free to post at http://besthelponweb.blogspot.com