Reason Behind Software Crisis ?

Question: Sir,I belong to a family where there is no software background.
I don't know much about the software field.Only after coming to college I came to know some of the facts.
Please tell me the reason behind this software crisis.....?

Answer: Well, don't worry about your family background, it can only affect your career if you are not serious about your life and career.If you are serious then no crisis can disturb you,serious means you always find the solutions for problems rather being creator of a problem,whenever any problem comes in your life, you do research, ask you seniors,faculties for the solutions like now you have asked one.

As far as reason behind software crisis is concerned, see if an industry is growing then definitely crisis type of things will get associated with them.Software industry pays huge amount of salaries so sometime they fall also in a similar way,but falling an industry and falling an employer is two different things.I have seen examples like some of my friends who were very good at their work but due to recession they had to loose their IT jobs but as they were highly skilled they got nice job in another company very soon, so please don't think negative about the field you have joined rather concentrate to improve your skills,develop positive attitude towards things,save money,improve your communication,learn extra things related to your field so hat they can help you to survive in crisis kind of situation.

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