Qualities of a Team Player ?

Question: what is a quality of a good team player? By Devesh from RCET Bhilai.

Answer: According to me the most basic quality of a good team player is that he/she must be a good listener,a kind of person who listens more, let the team member say,respect their decisions and at the same time put forward own decisions in a healthy manner which means a decision which satisfies everyone's thoughts and must represent the whole teams decision not his/her decision only.

Besides this main quality a good team player must also be a consistent person means he/she must show good performance all the time, not just some of the time.

A good team player must be OK with sharing knowledge,information & experience. They take the initiative to keep other team members informed.

Another quality of a good team player is that he/she must be problem solver not the problem creator.There may be so many problems in any where you go but instead of just shouting for the problems one must always try to find out the solutions for those problems,why because if there is no problem we can't only get the solutions but rather we can not think of having a solution.More problem more research more clarity better performance.

There are more qualities than above qualities for a good team player but to me these are the most required qualities for a good team player.

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