What To Do After Completing BE M Tech or MBA ?


My branch is Electronics and communications engineering I am currently preparing for CAT exam but I just thought of remaining in my technical field and want to pursue M.tech now please tell me whether MBA will be a better option or M.tech.

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Arvind Yadav From Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College.


Dear Arvind, there are so many people out there who has got the same question like you, even I was also very confused between two separate paths for my success when I was struggling, but now I am a very successful career counselor,Its people like you and me who can surly tell our so called world number one democratic country's leader to change their education policies.Don't you think

if you had given sufficient exposure to what exactly you want to become in you life, you must have been busy with exploring new things with your interest rather just wasting your time asking questions regarding your career path.Well I will not give you lecture any more please follow below given guidelines to decide whether you should do M Tech or MBA after BE.

(1) First of all both are master degrees, with one single difference that is M Tech can be done by engineering graduates only whereas MBA can be done by any graduate.

(2) So if we talk about number of graduates in India We can surly say number of engineering graduates is lesser than other graduates, means more people for MBA, so here you get more competition and less people for M Tech (comparing graduated who do MBA) so less competition to you.

(3) Now you can say "I am ready to compete with any one for anything" like we all Indians think, I totally agree with you here. Let's think about some other points related with this point.

(4) Lest's take example of two people 'A' and 'B' and suppose both are from your background and have the same problem like yours.

    Thoughts and plans of 'A' for deciding whether M Tech or MBA :

I have given my four years for engineering and now I am changing my core skills, this is not good. If I just concentrate with my field i.e engineering and do master courses in my field then I can do more better than just starting a new field from scratch, here I will have to do more hard work with competing with those people who have not given their time for any technical things like a commerce graduate finds it very easier to do MBA with Finance and marketing but at the same time its difficult for me.So , I know there are branches for technical people also like MBA with systems for CS/IT/E & Comm. engg. graduates but here I will be thought more for managerial skills than for technical skills which I know and have expertise.So I
I think I should do M Tech rather than MBA.

    Thoughts and plans of 'B' for deciding whether M Tech or MBA :

Mr. 'A' you may be right but see I am also and engineering graduate but see I just don't want to be a technical person in any multinational company after doing M Tech rather I want to become Manager,Project Leader under whom you people will work and also I am not that good technically rather excellent in managerial skills , dealing with people, can easily adjust with a team and lead a team in difficult situations. Yes that's true, I am changing my field but its not 100 % right, My reason to support this is, If I don't know what is a technical terminology or how a technical company work with what exact technology how can I lead team of my engineers, so being a technical person with a management degree is more important for company heads rather a fresh graduate from commerce field and becoming manager for an IT company.So I think for me MBA is better than M Tech.

Arvind having read  above thoughts and plans you can easily decide what is good for you MBA or M Tech, but let me give you my opinion , I also agree with Mr. 'B', see if you have good managerial skills so as I have been placement officer with a well known engineering college I can say companies are now looking giving more preference to candidates who have got both MBA and  engineering degree, because they think an engineering student's IQ level is more higher than a graduate with other qualification or streams, they have given competitive exams to get into engineering college etc...

So If you prefer MBA then certainly there is no problem for you, jobs are there with excellent perks.but if you think that I must go with my technical field then don't think of a Boss chair early, because whatever you do(except M Tech with some 2-3 years job experience) if you don't have MBA you are still under a person who has MBA.Of course you can become manager after doing M Tech but for that you need to have job experience.

Please read the following summary to decide whether to go for MBA or M Tech ?

If  you satisfy all (not just one)  below conditions then you must do MBA for high profile living in your early age.

=> You have excellent family support (financially and mentally) with good understanding for your thoughts and plans.

=> You are not very sound technically but good in team efforts and managerial works, good communication, here please note communication doesn't matter mean having good spoken English( with doing MBA you can easily work on your English with the help of any good communication institutes, I have done that, being purely from Hindi medium I worked with major MNC companies without communication problem.) here communication means whatever you say people understand and listen to that means you can influence people with your magical words and others like to go with you for whatever you say or suggests.

If  you satisfy all (not just one)  below conditions then you must do M Tech , again for high profile living in your early age(yes M Tech people also get high profile jobs).

=>You are ready to join any college or university for your master degree because of you family's poor financial conditions,here family support doesn't matter because there are many colleges and universities providing M Tech degree, and with M Tech degree knowledge matters more than college so you can choose any college your parents can afford.

=> You are more interested towards exploring your  technical knowledge and  don't like  having much interaction with management.

=> You can be stable person (means don't just join and leave, because for an MBA graduate experience doesn't matter much to get promotion than for an M Tech graduate as being a master of technology you need to be at a particular company to get the practical exposure of  what you  have just read in your books, whereas  for an MBA guy getting practical experience is not that big task as in this whoever works well and responsible person to his assigned duties is a good manager no need to join any management college. ) for a company for at least 1 or 2 years to get promoted to another label where you have same or more respect than an MBA guy.

So Arvind after reading all these facts if you still have doubt about what you should do then please read the following facts I have researched from various sources  for you.

(1) I searched Google for Jobs for BE with MBA then I got  32,400,000 (almost 3 crores) results and when I searched for jobs for BE with M Tech graduates then I found 203,000,000 (almost 2 crores)results.means online community is also talking more about BE with MBA graduates.

It might be a very simple fact.Read more below.

(2) If you still confused and  want to join any coaching class to make you understand what is your path of career then you may visit loratis but I am very much sure you don't need to empty your pocket for this very simple question, If you had ever calmly written this doubt of yours on a piece of paper then I am sure you must have got the perfect answer by yourself, In future I want you to do it or you are most welcome to give us this opportunity as we love to guide youngsters by giving them Free Help With The Best Answers Only.

(3)In my personal life I have seen people doing MBA lastly, in spite of having M Tech degree to gain the higher position in their organization early, by attending evening classes with MBA institutes like welingkar in Mumbai.

(4)If you go for MBA being an engineering student interviewer may ask you this question, "you have studied for so many years, why don't you work for a few years, before thinking bout an MBA"
don't worry you can give following answer for this question.

- "MTech is a highly specialized course, doing it means you have a liking for the technical side which I have not that much so that I should do for M Tech, I just wanted to have an engineering degree so that I can become the part of fast growing engineering industry by knowing the basics of it after doing my BE."

(5) Please Note:  If you are getting a job for your profile with your BE degree ( not just any kind of job like BPO etc.) then you must grab it first then only think of an MBA or M Tech because both master degrees will be more valuable for you If you have some job experience with you.

(6) If while doing your BE you could not figure out whether you were not good at technical or managerial aspects then after BE just work for few years with any good or average company who deals with your field and try to analyze which thing suits you then decide to go for MBA or M Tech, its a fact we cant judge our self until we get  some crowd   around us.

So, Arvind this is it from my side if you still can't figure out what is good for you or any other information like good colleges to do MBA or M Tech in your area or any part of this world or any question you have which creates obstacles for you please feel free to make us your friend because we have started this blog as a revolution to help students so that no student must say like "I could not get proper guidance so I failed"

Arvind Lets show the world that if youngsters are united for any task, they can do wonders .

Hope 'Good' for you and other respected readers who may be reading this post.